At Suttle, the focus is on more than sell telecommunication components. Its further connectivity reimagined. Taking a unique approach to delivering network solutions by tailoring them to your specific needs, plans, and budget. In fast-changing markets, Suttle dedicates themselves to designing solutions that incorporate the best available technology, leverage existing infrastructure and lay a foundation for future growth in a timely matter, giving you an overall advantage.

With over 100 years of experience, Suttle is a proven leader in the development and delivery of innovative solutions. Suttle innovation is more than just inventing a new product – it involves reimagining the development process by establishing a partnership with the customer.

Considerations in VDSL/VDSL2 Implementation

Today’s telcos face more competition than ever before. The boundaries separating services—voice, video, and data— are disappearing and customers seeking those services are being courted by cable, satellite, and wireless providers, each of which offers some or all of the components users want. The days of the single service provider are clearly numbered, and competition from providers who can deliver a full slate of services can be a very real threat to a telco’s subscriber base. Cable companies clearly recognize this and are moving aggressively to provide voice and data services. Telcos need to respond if they are to remain competitive. Download the following White Paper to learn more.




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Cabling Tips from Suttle

According to LAN Magazine, “85-95% of network failures are due in large part to cabling problems.”
As speeds and bandwidth increase, slight errors in installation CAN make the system non-compliant and MAY make a network useless so consider the following list of cabling tips:

  • Don’t remove more of the outer jacket then is necessary to terminate.
  • When terminating, don’t untwist conductors more then 1/2″ for CAT5e or higher cables.
  • Don’t Run Next to Electricity:
    • Avoid electrical cabling and electrical sources.
    • Don’t tie cables to electrical conduits.
    • Don’t run communication cabling within 2 ft of electrical.
    • Always cross electrical at right angles.
  • Protect Cabling:
    • Avoid sharp edges when pulling.
    • Use grommets to protect the cable when passing through rough openings.
    • Use low pulling force (25lbf or less), if using a pull string use one rated at 200lbf.
    • Make gradual bends when necessary (1″ radius min, 2″ recommended).
    • Don’t over tighten tie wraps.
    • Avoid using staples. If you must, use staples rated for use with communications cables (i.e T59).

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