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Wilson Electronics started making cell phone signal boosters in 1999. We were the first to design, build and supply cell signal boosters to the U.S. and Canadian markets. Over the years we grew, adding new customer-requested signal boosters to our product lines, developing the first ever in-vehicle cell phone boosters and securing more than 50 patents as we developed and refined our technology.


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WilsonPro 1000

The WilsonPro 1000 passive distributed antenna system is a cellular amplifier designed to provide enhanced in-building cellular coverage for all commercial spaces, including hospitals, hotels, warehouses and offices. The WilsonPro 1000 amplifies weak cellular signals to provide reliable voice and data coverage - including 4G - to inside spaces where signals may not penetrate, and with new eXtended Dynamic Range (XDR) technology, the amplifier never shuts off due to a strong outside signal or changes in outside signals. Like all WilsonPro cellular amplifiers, the WilsonPro 1000 features cell site protections that auto-detect and prevent any cell tower interference. 

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Pro 70 Plus Select (50Ω)


The Wilson Pro 70 Plus Select significantly improves 3G, 4G LTE cellular data for all carriers. Designed to provide maximum coverage for luxury homes, large commercial, retail or any other building needing stronger indoor cell signal. With adjustable uplink and downlink gain controls on each band with up to 70dB of gain, the Pro 70 Plus Select makes it easy to customize the cell phone booster for any specific signal environment. Learn more. 

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