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Our WilsonPro solutions are advancing wireless communications for essential business communications. We have the most comprehensive line-up of passive and active DAS solutions so that your organization can be ready to respond to changing connectivity demands.

All our solutions are built on a foundation of design, modularity and technology that lets you add capabilities, drawing on elements of passive, BDA technology and active DAS as needed to ensure fast, affordable readiness for new challenges and opportunities.  


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Discover Wilson Electronics industry-leading DAS solutions starting with the versatile WilsonPro Enterprise 4330, the first BDA to combine the ease of wideband support with the power and flexibility to channelize the signals to ensure the best possible signal. For large buildings, combine the 4330 with our Zinwave Fiber Platform to create the WilsonPro Hybrid DAS solution.

For the largest venues or campuses, the Zinwave Ultra-Wideband Active DAS solution supports any RF signal from 150mHz to 5gHz. That includes, 2-way radio, Public Safety, CBRS, Small Cells, Base Stations, to 5G C-Band BDAs. For medium-sized buildings the weBoost Office kits are budget-friendly and quick to deploy. Wilson electronics has every solution from home office to million square foot buildings.


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See what a few of Wilson Electronics' customers have to say:



WilsonPro Passive DAS Success

“WilsonPro can take very little signal and do something borderline miraculous.”

Al Frangione

Director of Facilities & Security, Lake Tahoe Community College



Hybrid DAS Success

“For us, we get a solution to today’s problems, and the flexibility to meet other near-term needs.”

Amir Bahadron

Sr. Director of IT, JSX



Active DAS Success

With its all-fiber design, WilsonPro’s Zinwave Active DAS uses standard IT cabling that speeds installation and minimizes disruption. This was important to Martini as the large, complex development project comprised both a new hospital and renovation of an existing building.



weBoost Success

“This product works beautifully. Since we installed this, we have not had any cellular issues in any part of our medium-sized office. Our office has both cubicles and offices.”

Ashley Johnson

Verified Buyer


3 Ways That Wilson Electronics Can Help You Build Trust & Opportunities

  1. Wilson Electronic solutions are proven and trusted. For over 25 years, Wilson hardware has 100% engineered and assembled in the USA, giving us more control over the components, supply chain, and quality during the manufacturing process which leads to high customer satisfaction. Our solutions are chosen by the world's largest, most discerning Fortune 500 companies, global federal government, and small business.
  2. Our solutions are built on knowledge of what customers need. We know that business customers are looking to solve their connectivity problems quickly, affordably, simply, and effectively so that their guests and employees can thrive and leverage the power of 5G and connectivity to help their organizations grow. Our solutions are built to scale, accelerate connectivity benefits, eliminate complexity, and reassure customers of that they made a wise investment. 
  3. We can help you assure customers that you have their success in mind. We know that customers are most likely to trust partners who help them succeed. As their trusted technology advisor your concern is for the customers’ trust and satisfaction. Customers who are experiencing connectivity issues cannot run their businesses efficiently, which is often the driver to consider implementing a Wilson Electronics solution. 

Make Assessments & Directly Address Customers' Needs.

Wilson Electronics can help you to assess and identify customer needs so they can make the first step toward saying "yes" to a solution. 


WilsonPro Cellular Network Scanner

The WilsonPro Cellular Network Scanner 5G is a tool that can be used to measure existing signal strength, locate, and identify carrier cell towers, and validate the performance of cellular repeater systems. It can detect and analyze low band frequencies and frequencies of C-Band and CBRS signals using either LTE or 5G NR modulation. It is designed for the future of 5G and can quickly identify nearby towers, different local carrier networks, and the strength and quality of different frequencies.


Get hands-on experience designing effective systems, installing custom solutions, and measuring signal amplification.




Online Technical Training

Free 90-minute basic technical training including in-building site survey, and technical installation.


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In-Person Training

Recognized as a BICSI CEC provider, you'll earn 12 continuing education credits towards recertification in this advanced course at Wilson University in Dallas, Texas. Professionals who successfully complete the course are certified WilsonPro integrators. 


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Be among the first to talk about Wilson Electronics innovative solutions.


WilsonPro Wireless Solutions

Get unparalleled wireless solutions with WilsonPro's customizable 5G cellular signal repeater solutions and products, designed to dramatically impove cell signal converage.

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Boost Your Cell Signal & Boost Your Business


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We’re helping to make progress real in many different industries.

Building materials, cell tower obstructions, hard to reach basements, tunnels or parking structures, or nearby areas of heavy phone use can hinder modern progress. Depending on size, our connectivity solutions can amplify connectivity across structures or in “trouble spots” as needed to provide the access that’s needed today and tomorrow. 



Improve Patient Care. Retain Top-Tier Staff.

Enhancing real-time and online communication and access to information and care to improve outcomes, enable monitoring and coordination of medical services and help patients feel supported. 

How to Improve Cellular Coverage in a Hospital 
Blog Articles and Insights 
CHOC Children's Hospital Improves Patient Care With Better Signal 



Count on a Safe, Secure Network Across Campus.

Up-leveling connectivity for everyday calls, immersive and remote learning, coordination of administrative and staff activities, and importantly, safety, security, and emergency communications if needed. 

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Experience faster transactions and happier customers. 

Improving connectivity for mobile payments, reliable POS systems, management of inventory, pricing and promotions in real time, immersive shopping experiences, and security. 

Customer Satisfaction Secret Shared by Over 95% of Tiffany & Co. Stores
Success Story: Westfield Sydney - Sydney, Australia


Property Management

Improve Onsite Experience and Online Marketability.

Increasing connectivity in commercial property management improves tenant communication and use of digital services, enables remote monitoring, and enhances security

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Increase Productivity with Rapid Communications.

Optimizing connectivity facilitates real-time monitoring, remote maintenance, communication between machines and people, and enables data driven decision-making. 

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Improve Cellular Coverage in Every Building.

Optimized connectivity is essential for providing guests with seamless experiences, efficient operation, and security. 

How to Improve Cell Signal in a Hotel


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