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From small buildings to large, tents and outdoors, boost your cell phone signal for all devices with commercial-grade WilsonPro signal boosters. Check out the WilsonPro Pro Mobile Cell Booster to see how it works. 

About Wilson Electronics

HQ: Cottonwood Heights, Utah 84121
Established 1987

Wilson Electronics manufactures WilsonPro and weBoost cellular boosters to resolve dropped calls, undelivered emails and text messages, as well as slow data and streaming from your cellular devices at home, at work or in your vehicle. 

Start enjoying better cell signal coverage with WilsonPro's award-winning cell phone signal boosters. WilsonPro is a leader in professional-grade, in-building cell signal enhancement technology. For over 20 years, they've developed custom solutions to help businesses solve their cellular connectivity issues.  

5G_Ready_Badge-b-01-6Wilson Electronics is 5G Ready

In today's quickly-emerging 5G world, Wilson's products continue to enhance cell signals for all phones and cellular-connected devices, on all US carrier networks, for the next decade and beyond. 

Wilson Electronics is leading the cell phone signal booster revolution. Check out this video to learn more: 


Featured Products

Wilson Enterprise 4300/4300R

Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 11.25.30 AMThe WilsonPro Enterprise 4300/4300R is a commercial-grade, in-building cellular amplifier that represents the latest in cell signal boosting technology, including a revolutionary, industry-first three outdoor-antenna-port configuration. Depending on cell tower locations, using up to three outdoor antennas (each dedicated to a specific frequency band to collectively amplify signals from multiple towers) helps maximize coverage in commercial spaces up to 100,000 sq ft. 

Based on user need or preference, the Enterprise 4300/4300R can also utilize "common mode" as a default, using only a single outdoor (donor) antenna and a single port to receive cell signal. 


  • Three outdoor antenna ports to target multiple carrier towers
  • Four independently controlled indoor antenna ports built in
  • Wired or LTE WilsonPro Cloud access for remote functionality
  • Up to 26 dBm in uplink power and 17 dBm in downlink power
  • XDR technology to virtually eliminate shutdown or signal loss
  • 4.3" LCD touchscreen for an enhanced user experience
  • Works with ALL phones and cellular devices on ALL carriers

weBoost Drive Reach Fleet Kit 

Product Images-Drive Reach Fleet KitThe Drive Reach Fleet is weBoost's most powerful, in-vehicle cell signal booster. Designed for use in law enforcement, government or commercial fleet vehicles, Drive Reach Fleet delivers a game-changing level of uplink output power—up to 29.5 dBm. With this 5 dB increase in signal output, Drive Reach Fleet effortlessly provides your team with the enhanced signal strength needed to communicate and stay connected when it matters most. The Drive Reach Fleet boosts voice and data signal for multiple users and cellular-connected devices simultaneously within the fleet vehicle. This kit uses a high-performance NMO antenna, which REQUIRES PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION. The Drive Reach Fleet enhances all available wireless network signals and speeds with 50 dB system gain—the maximum allowed by the FCC. Drive Reach Fleet is compatible with all major U.S. mobile carriers including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Straight Talk and more. Like all weBoost products, the Drive Reach Fleet features a 2-year warranty along with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Receives signal: The powerful antenna reaches out to access all cellular voice and data, including 4G LTE and 3G, and delivers it to the booster

Boost signal: The booster receives the signal, amplifies it, and serves as a relay between your phone and the nearest cell tower

Broadcasts signal: Your devices get a stronger signal, and calls and data are fed through the booster back to the network


  • Enhances all available wireless network signals and speeds through-out a fleet vehicle (Police, Work, Service and Delivery vehicles)
  • Boosts signal strength for cellular-based fleet tracking devices allowing fleet managers to better track vehicles, even in weak signal areas
  • Works with ALL cellular devices in the vehicle on ALL carriers simultaneously
  • Increases cellular range, provides fastest available data speeds and improves call quality

WilsonPro Pro 70 Plus

Product Images-pro-70-plus-50-ohm-463127-kit-2The Pro 70 Plus passive distributed antenna system from Wilson Electronics amplifies weak cellular signals to provide reliable voice and data coverage - including 4G – inside homes and other buildings where signals may not penetrate. The Pro 70 Plus features a self-optimizing microprocessor with a built-in graphical signal meter. The uplink and downlink power display makes it easy for the integrator to determine the direction of the cell tower and the strength of the available signal, which greatly reduce installation time. 


  • +12 dBm downlink power for highest available indoor coverage
  • Features a self-optimizing microprocessor with a built-in graphical signal meter for easy tower location
  • Boosts cell phone signal inside a building or large area up to 25,000 sq. ft.
  • Cell site protections that prevent interference with the carriers’ system
  • Self-optimizing design minimizes installation time
  • Expansion kits available for large scale installations
  • 5-Band All Carrier Cell Phone Signal Booster
  • Digital Display to view Automatic Gain Control

4G Low Profile Dome Antenna with Reflector 

Product Images-4g-low-profile-dome-antenna-314407Features:

  • Ultra-thin
  • White radome
  • RoHS Compliant
  • N-female connector
  • Plenum Rated pig-tail cable
  • High efficiency and compact design
  • Covers cellular bands and WiFi from 608 through 2700 MHZ

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