Transit Solutions

Transit Solutions


Everyday, businesses, citizens and governments around the world rely on transportation facilities to provide easily accessible mobility services. Due to the open and easily accessible nature of rail stations, transit systems are all too often exposed, putting passengers in precarious situations. The first line of defense for any transit authority should be a fiber-optic perimeter security system to deter unauthorized entry. By partnering with Accu-Tech to implement a perimeter security solution, you will rest assured that your passengers will have the safe and pleasant experience that your transit system offers. 

Fence Line Detection

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Walls, fences, locks and other passive perimeter security systems will not discourage determined intruders from your premises. However, with an active perimeter monitoring solution such as a fiber-optic zone-based sensor system, your security staff can pinpoint the exact location of a change or disturbance along your entire perimeter, cutting down on response times and helping to identify potential threats quickly and efficiently. Our systems contain on-board digital signal processing technology and are resistant to wind, rain and potentially volatile environments such as chemical depots, petroleum refineries and electrical substations. Because of these unique characteristics, fiber optic security systems can be deployed across a variety of fields in which active copper or electrical-based security systems are unsafe. Accu-Tech’s systems specialists will help you tailor a solution to your transit system’s unique characteristics and security requirements. 

Motion Detection

High-risk sites benefit from the enhanced security that motion sensors provide. These sensors can be positioned along your fence line to detect potential threats before they reach your perimeter, and be placed within your perimeter’s interior to eliminate the dead zone. Accu-Tech’s all-fiber solutions are not easily detectable and are not affected by, nor do they emit, radio frequencies or electromagnetic interference. Combining these solutions with the latest in HD camera technology creates a fully integrated system to further enhance your facility’s overall security. Accu-Tech’s all-fiber perimeter security solution integrates into your existing network and comes with an intuitive SDK (software development kit) which allows your team and our system specialists to customize your perimeter security solution to the unique needs and security requirements of your transit system.

train station sunrise leftAccu-Tech’s all-fiber perimeter security solution integrates into your existing network and enhances the security of your entire facility. From perimeter security and surveillance to digital signage and communication solutions, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive approach to the needs of the transit system. Accu-Tech has partnered with its leading manufacturers for over thirty years, providing rapidly deployable and scalable solutions to transit authorities of every size. From single-line operations to multi-national transit centers, Accu-Tech’s system specialists ensure your project is completed on time and within budget.

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