B-Line by Eaton Spec Sheets

B-Line by Eaton Spec Sheets

Flextray Management  

Flextray Straight Sections

Flextray Drop Out Fitting

Flextray Trapez/Center Hanger Kit

Flextray Splice Bar Kit

Flextray Connector Hardware

Flextray Tab-Loc Connector

Flextray Ground Bolt

Flextray Pedestal Clamp & Kit

Flextray Support Washer

Flextray Toolless Hold Down Clip

Flextray Flip Clip Hanger

Flextray Washer Splice Kit

Rack Accessories

2-Post Network Equipment Rack 6" Uprights - Aluminum

2-Post Network Equipment Rack 3" Uprights - Aluminum

Two Post Cable Management Rack

Rack & Cable Management Value Pack

Four Post Server Rack Four Post - Adjustable Depth Equipment Rack

Four Post - Adjustable Depth Server Rack - Self-Supporting

Two Post Seismic Relay Rack

Metal Cable Tie Brackets 

Single Expansion Anchors

Quick Fit Blanking Panel

Double Sided Rack Mounted Shelf

Single Sided Rack Mounted Shelf

Low Profile Rack Mounted Shelf

Single Sided Rack Mounted Shelf - 2U

RCM+ Double Sided Dual Density Rack Mounter Vertical Cable Manager W/Cover

Rack & Cable Management Value Pack

High Density Vertical Cable Manager

High/Low Density Vertical Cable Manager

Flextray Lacing Device Kit

Rack Mounted Vertical Cabling Section - Dual Hinging Removable Plastic Gate

Rack Mounted Horizontal Cable Manager - D-Ring Style

Runway and Accessories 

Adjustable Runway Junction Kit

Runway Stringer Junction Kit

Adjustable Vertical Splice Kit

Runway Wall Angle Support Kit

Runway Hold Down Clamp Kit

Runway Support Kit

Slotted Runway Support Kit

Runway Drop-Out Kit

Runway Side Drop-Out Kit

Runway Universal Drop-Out Kit

Triangular Wall Support Kit

Equipment Rack Top Plate Runway Support Kit

Neoprene Runway End Cap

PVC End Cap

Cable Retaining Post

Power Cable Support

Angle Drop Rod Bracket

90 Degree Corner Support Kit

J Bolts

Runway Wall Support Kit

Runway Bonding Jumper

Threaded Rod Protector


Springs Steel Fasteners

Cover Plate Mounting Brackets

Cable Fasteners

Cable Hooks

Cable Hook To Beam Fasteners

Cable Hook To Rod & T-Bar Fasteners

Cable Hook To Floor Support Fasteners

Cable Hook To ATR Fasteners

Single Sided Multi-Tier Cable Hooks

Double Sided Multi-Tier Cable Hooks

Bridle Rings

Universal Grounding Bar Mechanical Connector Lug

Self Supported Equipment Rack Isolation Kit





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