Leviton Spec Sheets

Leviton Spec Sheets

Spec Sheets by Solution 


eXtreme 6+ QuickPort Connectors

eXtreme 6A QuickPort Connectors

FastCure Connectors

FastCAM Connectors

GigaMax 5e QuickPort Connectors

QuickPort Fiber Adapters

Secure Keyed LC Connectors

Shielded CAT 5e Connectors

Shielded CAT 6 Connectors

Shielded CAT 6A Connectors


QuickPort Angled Stainless Steel Wallplates

QuickPort Single-Gang Wallplates

QuickPort Stainless Steel Wallplates

QuickPort Stainless Steel with ID Windows

QuickPort Wallplates for Large Connectors

QuickPort Wallplates with ID Windows


Metered Vertical Power Distribution Units

Metered Horizontal Power Distribution Units

4500 Series PDUs

P1070 PDUs

P1000 PDUs

Cable Management

Versi-Duct Horizontal Cable Management

Five-Ring Horizontal Patch Cord Manager

Versi-Duct Vertical Front and Rear Cable Management

Versi-Duct 8” High Capacity Cable Management 


CAT 6a Reference Guide

Audio Installation Manual

Residential Installation Manual

Wiring Strategies Installation Guide

Patch Panel Selection Guide

Patch Panels

C1 Ultra Composite Patch Panels

CAT 5e 110-Style Flat Patch Panels

CAT 6 110-Style Flat Patch Panels

CAT 6A 110-Style Flat Patch Panels

QuickPort 48-Port High Density Angled Patch Panels

QuickPort 72-Port High Density

QuickPort CAT 5e Angled Patch Panels

QuickPort CAT 5e Flat Patch Panels

QuickPort High Density Flat Patch Panels

QuickPort Patch Panels with Magnifying Lens

QuickPort Recessed Patch Panels

QuickPort Recessed Angled Patch Panels

QuickPort Shielded Angled Patch Panels

QuickPort Shielded Flat Patch Panels

Fiber Enclosures

Opt-X Ultra Enclosures

Opt-X 1000i Enclosures

Opt-X 500i Enclosures

Opt-X Wall-Mount Enclosures

Fiber Modules and Adapter Plates

Opt-X Fiber Adapter Plates

Opt-X Unity MTP Modules

12-Fiber MTP Modules

Cable Assemblies

CAT 6/5e Slimline Patch Cords

CAT 6 Shielded Patch Cords

CAT 6A Slimline Patch Cords

Fiber Patch Cords

Unity Array Cords

Unity Harnesses

Unity Trunks

Secure LC Harnesses

Secure LC Patch Cords

Secure LC Trunks


QuickPort Modular Furniture Faceplate


Spec Sheets by Part Number

41080-1IP E1004S.30.10


41080-2IP E1004S.30.10

41080-2WP E1004S.30.10

41080-3IP E1004S.30.10

41080-3WP E1004S.30.10

41080-4IP E1004S.30.10

41080-4WP E1004S.30.10

41080-6IP E1004S.30.10

41080-6WP E1004S.30.10

41084-BEB E1004S.30.10

41084-BIB E1004S.30.10

41084-BWB E1004S.30.10

41084-FIF E1004S.30.10

41084-FWF E1004S.30.10

41089-1IP E1004S.30.10

41089-1WP E1004S.30.10

41089-2IP E1004S.30.10

41089-2WP E1004S.30.10

41089-4IP E1004S.30.10

41089-4WP E1004S.30.10

41089-6IP E1004S.30.10

41089-6WP E1004S.30.10

4108W-1SP E1004S.30.10

41106-RE6 41106-RE6

41106-RI6 E1004S.30.10

41106-RO6 41106-RO6

41106-RW6 E1004S.30.10

41108-RI3 E1004S.30.10

41108-RI8 E1004S.30.10

41108-RW3 E1004S.30.10

41108-RW8 E1004S.30.10

42080-1IS E1004S.30.10

42080-1WS E1004S.30.10

42080-2IS E1004S.30.10

42080-2WS E1004S.30.10

42080-3IS E1004S.30.10

42080-3WS E1004S.30.10

42080-4IP E1004S.30.10

42080-4IS E1004S.30.10

42080-4WS E1004S.30.10

42080-6IP E1004S.30.10

42080-6IS E1004S.30.10

42080-6WS E1004S.30.10

42777-1IA E1004S.30.10

42777-1IB E1004S.30.10

42777-1WA E1004S.30.10

42777-1WB E1004S.30.10

43080-1S2 E1004S.30.10

43080-1S3 E1004S.30.10

43080-1S4 E1004S.30.10

4625A-26I 4625A-26I

47613-EZC 47613-EZC

49105-IDC 49105-IDC

491RU-HFO E1004S.30.10

491RU-HFR E1004S.30.10

49252-PCM 49252-PCM

49253-BCM E1004S.30.10

49253-LPM E1004S.30.10

49255-D48 E1004S.30.10

49255-H24 E1004S.30.10

49255-H48 E1004S.30.10

49256-H48 49256-H48

492RU-HFO E1004S.30.10

492RU-HFR E1004S.30.10

4980L-VFR E1004S.30.10

49910-HE2 E1004S.30.10

49910-HE4 E1004S.30.10

49910-HI4 49910-HI4

49910-SE2 E1004S.30.10

49910-SE4 E1004S.30.10

49910-SW2 E1004S.30.10

49990-MSC E1004S.30.10

49990-MST E1004S.30.10

49991-MSC E1004S.30.10

49991-MST E1004S.30.10

49991-SLC E1004S.30.10

49991-SSC E1004S.30.10

5G108-BL5 5G108-BL5

5G108-BV5 5G108-BV5

5G108-BW5 5G108-BW5

5G108-RB5 5G108-RB5

5G108-RC5 E1004S.30.10

5G108-RE5 E1004S.30.10

5G108-RG5 E1004S.30.10

5G108-RI5 E1004S.30.10

5G108-RL5 E1004S.30.10

5G108-RO5 E1004S.30.10

5G108-RV5 E1004S.30.10

5G108-RW5 E1004S.30.10

5G108-RY5 E1004S.30.10

5G110-RE5 E1004S.30.10

5G110-RI5 E1004S.30.10

5G110-RL5 E1004S.30.10

5G110-RO5 E1004S.30.10

5G110-RR5 5G110-RR5

5G110-RW5 E1004S.30.10

5G110-RY5 5G110-RY5

5G596-U12 E1004S.30.10

5G596-U24 E1004S.30.10

5G596-U48 E1004S.30.10

5G596-U89 E1004S.30.10

5G596-U96 5G596-U96

5R1UL-F03 E1004S.30.10

5R1UM-F03 E1004S.30.10

5R2UH-S06 5R2UH-S06

5R2UL-F06 5R2UL-F06

5S180-SH5 5S180-SH5

5W110-N E1004S.30.10

5W310-N E1004S.30.10

61110-BW6 61110-BW6

61110-RC6 E1004S.30.10

61110-RE6 E1004S.30.10

61110-RG6 E1004S.30.10

61110-RI6 E1004S.30.10

61110-RL6 E1004S.30.10

61110-RO6 E1004S.30.10

61110-RP6 E1004S.30.10

61110-RV6 E1004S.30.10

61110-RW6 E1004S.30.10

61110-RY6 E1004S.30.10

69586-U12 E1004S.30.10

69586-U24 E1004S.30.10

69586-U48 E1004S.30.10

69586-U89 E1004S.30.10

69587-U48 E1004S.30.10

80714-I E1004S.30.10

80714-W E1004S.30.10

80781-I E1004S.30.10

80781-W E1004S.30.10

86014 E1004S.30.10

88014 E1004S.30.10


P1040-10S P1040-10S



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