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Why Small Cell?

Corning SpiderCloud provides scalable and seamless cellular coverage and capacity for in-building networks and venues, all over your existing LAN. Combined with Corning® Optical Network Evolution (ONE™) Solutions, you now have access to a full-solution portfolio including fiber and power, software defined LAN (SD LAN), small cell, and cellular DAS.

Driving fiber-deep architectures within the enterprise, our complete and comprehensive solution promotes and advocates for optical convergence.

Corning SpiderCloud
Ideal for
  • Enterprise or smaller venue with in-building coverage challenges
  • Building requiring coverage ranges in size from 50,000 – 1 million sq. ft, either single-structure, distributed facilities, or campus environments
  • Has available capacity of 50-100 Mbps on existing internet connection

What Is the Value of Combining SpiderCloud Small Cells and the ONE Infrastructure?

High SIM density: Determined by connected devices per square foot, SIM density ranges from low (residential) to ultra high (stadium/convention center). The ONE system provides a robust infrastructure and virtually unlimited bandwidth for the SpiderCloud E-RAN and other network services that support an entire range of densities.
Multicarrier needs: Whether the targeted facility needs only two or all four of the major U.S. carriers, Corning cellular solutions can support any scenario.
Building size: Building size is no longer a factor in determining a cellular solution, and has been replaced in importance by network applications and carriers that support critical connectivity today.

Corning SpiderCloud: Why Small Cell?
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