Prysmian North America is a benchmark player in the energy transition and digital transformation. Prysmian’s strategy is perfectly aligned with the main market drivers by developing resilient, high-performing, sustainable, and innovative cable systems for the transmission, power grid, electricity and digital solutions segments. Prysmian’s North American operations include 28 manufacturing facilities, 8 distribution centers, 6 R&D centers and more than 6,000 associates with net sales of $6 billion.

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Introducing the New Prysmian Brand

Prysmian is thrilled to announce the company’s new brand, a new crucial asset that aims to support and amplify Prysmian’s new business strategy. This new brand is powered by the company’s new business strategy, “Connect to Lead,” and will help Prysmian seize opportunities for sustainable development and lead the energy transition and digital transformation by developing increasingly resilient, high-performing, sustainable, and innovative products while creating tangible value for customers and communities. The strategy propels Prysmian forward as a cable manufacturer and cable solutions provider, offering integrated and combined energy and telecom solutions.

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GenSPEED® Copper Cables


GenSPEED® offers the largest selection of copper category datacom cables in the world. The complete portfolio of Category 6A 10 Gig, Category 6, Category 5e and Category 3 products is available in various performance levels and shielded and unshielded constructions.

GenSPEED® 6 MAX Extended Reach Cable

GenSPEED® 6 MAX provides maximum versatility to challenging installations with a Plenum and Outside Plant cable option. The cable meets all Category 6 requirements under 100 meters with a certified LP listing of 0.7 A for MAX Plenum. It also provides power and bandwidth at extended distances beyond the IEEE standard. The same industry-trusted high-powered PoE cable that has been in the market since 2015 is now guaranteed to meet your extended-distance needs.

MAX is available in Plenum and Outside Plant construction for longer runs, delivering cost savings through fewer terminations and lower connectivity costs, power equipment, and labor hours. It can also contribute to two LEED® points with Environmental Product Declarations and Health Product Declarations.

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GenSPEED® Fiber Cables


As the world’s largest producer of telecom cables, Prysmian's GenSPEED® optical fiber cabling solutions help link communications to communities around the globe. Prysmian’s fiber wire and cable offerings provide enhanced performance characteristics for today's and tomorrow's telecom networks and enterprise applications. Whether it is capacity, high transmission, low interference, or electromagnetic capability, Prysmian has your telecommunication needs covered!

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PanGen End-to-End Fiber Solution

PanGen Fiber System Solutions combines Panduit’s fiber optic connectivity with Prysmian’s GenSPEED® fiber optic cabling for a highly integrated and engineered solution delivering superior installation, first-rate technical support and a 25-year complete solution warranty.

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PanGen 20th Anniversary Logo

Panduit and Prysmian Celebrates 20th Anniversary of PanGen Partnership

In 2004, Panduit and Prysmian formed the PanGen® alliance, pairing the innovation and expertise of two structured cabling industry leaders. Today, the alliance remains as strong as ever, delivering cutting-edge cabling solutions for customers across North America. PanGen Structured Cabling Solutions provides a wide range of world-class copper and fiber solutions to support all needs. The combined Category 6A, 6 and 5e high-performance copper and fiber systems with network connectivity and cables provide a robust and optimized cabling infrastructure that exceeds all electrical parameters for today and into the future.

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