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Prysmian Group Logo-1Prysmian Group is a world leader in the design, manufacture and sales of wire and cable products. From wire & cable products and solutions for the transmission and distribution of low, medium, high and extra-high voltage systems to a cutting-edge offering of optical fiber and copper cables and connectivity systems for voice, video and data transmission, the Group serves the most comprehensive range of markets including power transmission and distribution, telecommunications, construction and infrastructure, energy projects and specialty industries for countless applications in the United States and Canada.

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GenSPEED® Copper Cables

GenSPEED LogoPrysmian Group’s GenSPEED®  Copper Category datacom cables are available in various performance levels and shielded and unshielded constructions, including Category 6A 10 Gig, Category 6, Category 5e and Category 3.

Recording-Breaking Small Diameter Category 6A Cable

GenSPEED® 10 MTPTM is the world’s first Category 6A Cable to feature a record-breaking 0.230” overall diameter with guaranteed performance that meets or exceeds all TIA standards, providing industry-leading alien crosstalk protection and EMI Immunity. Its improved design, reduced diameter, lighter weight and increased flexibility translate to simplified cable handling and optimized cable management: less conduit, less cable tray and more cable in existing conduit and trays that lower overall project costs.

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GenSPEED® 6 EfficienCMAX® Category 6 Cable (22 AWG): The Most Versatile Cable in the Industry

GenSPEED® 6 EfficienCMAX® Category 6 (22AWG) cable provides maximum versatility to challenging installations. The cable meets all Category 6 requirements under 100 meters with a certified LP listing of 0.6A. It also provides power and bandwidth at extended distances beyond the IEEE standard.

Click here to download the GenSPEED® 6 EfficienCMAX® Category 6 Cable (22 AWG) brochure.

GenSPEED® LP Listed Cables

GenSPEED® was the industry's first to achieve UL's LP listing, an independent verification that they will operate at power levels above 100 watts without exceeding the cable's temperature rating. An LP rating assures that a cable can handle the heat, no matter the bundle size or installation conditions. 

Click here to download the GenSPEED® LP Listed Cables sell sheet.

GenSPEED® Pull-Pac® Packaging

GenSPEED® Category 6A Riser and Plenum rated cables are available in Pull-Pac® Packaging that utilizes REELEX® tangle-free technology, a patented method of winding cable into a figure-eight coil, which results in a reel-less, self-supporting coil that dispenses from the inside-out without twists, tangles, snags or overruns.

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GenSPEED® Fiber Cables


Prysmian Group’s GenSPEED® line of fiber optic cable for voice, video and data is derived from over 35 years of technical expertise and manufacturing excellence. Long recognized as a leader in telecom cabling systems, GenSPEED® offers a broad range of fiber optic cables for every application that meets today’s performance expectations while setting the standards for tomorrow.

GenSPEED® Fiber-Copper Hybrid Cable for Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Applications

GenSPEED®’s indoor-outdoor, plenum-hybrid cable designs facilitate power and data solutions for Internet Protocol (IP) devices. These cables incorporate 12, 14, or 16 AWG copper conductors for remote powering with a central loose-tube fiber subunit for data transmission. As a result, the overall installation burden is reduced by integrating two vital network functions into a common cable sheath.

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PanGen LogoSince 2004, Panduit and Prysmian Group’s world-class partnership has provided high-performance infrastructure solutions, guaranteed network performance, and system reliability. By combining the technological expertise and innovation of Panduit connectivity and Prysmian Group cabling products, PanGen Structured Cabling Solutions provides a wide range of world-class copper and fiber solutions to support all of your needs. Our combined GenSPEED® line, Category 6A, 6 and 5e high-performance copper and fiber systems with network connectivity and cables provide a robust and optimized cabling infrastructure that exceeds all electrical parameters for today and into the future.

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