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Choose the right tool for your job from Brother Mobile Solution’s handheld printers, desktop thermal solutions, and industrial labelers. Get power and efficiency built with you in mind.


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Brother's Mobile Solutions incorporate the latest innovations, making them user-friendly and versatile. Intuitive interfaces, wireless connectivity, and seamless integration with your devices ensure a smooth printing experience.

Work faster, smarter, and better with Brother Mobile solutions.


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P-Touch Desktop Laminate Printers

On-Demand Labeling For Demanding Work

P-touch Desktop Printer with Keyboard


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P-Touch EDGE Handheld Industrial Label Printers

On-Demand Labeling for Industrial Applications

P-touch Handheld Labelers Lineup


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P-Touch Tapes

Tried and Tested Tapes For Your Jobs


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P-Touch Printers

Mobile Printing and Network Cable Labelers For Datacom, Security, and AV

Print durable, laminated wire labels with barcodes, text, and symbols on tapes designed for all datacom applications.

With a Brother P-Touch industrial handheld label printing machine, you can print the exact number of labels you need for the job, on-demand and on-site.


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P-Touch EDGE 550 W Model

With the EDGE PT-E550W, you get the simple, powerful jobsite management tool that helps you tackle industrial labeling projects with top efficiency. 

This project-ready printer features a full QWERTY keyboard, large LCD screen, barcode, and industrial application keys, plus P-Touch Editor software to design custom labels with ease. 

  • Label large industrial projects from 6 label sizes from 3.5mm to 24mm
  • Increase efficiency with 5 quick application keys for cable wrap, cable flag, patch panel, punch block, and faceplate labels
  • Connect to import databases and design labels wirelessly from apps like Cable Label Tool, Transfer Express, and iPrint&Label using Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Design your own custom labels including barcodes and QR codes with the included P-Touch Editor software and PC connectivity
  • Increase productivity with advanced alpha and numeric serialization and an automatic half-cutter
  • Hard carry case, rechargeable Li-ion battery, AC adapter, and USB cable included


P-Touch EDGE 300 Model

Get a labeling tool that your whole crew can use. The EDGE 300 is great for mid-sized jobs and MAC work, these models print long-lasting laminated labels up to 18mm with ease.

  • Label mid-sized jobs and MAC projects easily with 5 label sizes from 3.5mm to 18mm
  • Increase efficiency with 5 quick application keys for cable wrap, cable flag, patch panel, punch block, and faceplate labels
  • Increase productivity with advanced alpha and numeric serialization and manual stop cut capability
  • Hard carry case, Li-ion battery, and AC adapter included


P-Touch EDGE 110 Model

Discover the perfect printer for your everyday tool bag and small jobs. The EDGE 110 produces high-quality laminated labels in seconds, without reading a manual.

  • 4 Label sizes from 3.5mm to 12mm
  • 3 quick application keys for cable wrap/flag, faceplate, and serialized labels
  • Ability to print strips of serialized labels
  • Comes with hard carry case and safety wrist strap

P-Touch Laminated Label Tapes

Find the Right Tool For Your Job


Why Laminated Labels?

Many of the tapes in the Brother lineup feature a laminate film that is applied over the top of the label during the printing process. These Brother P-Touch laminated label tapes are made with the industrial pros in mind.

Built to last and tested to the extreme, these drop-in label cartridges feature six layers of materials to form thin yet extremely strong labels. Thermal transfer printing, sandwiched between two protective layers of PET (polyethylene terephthalate), results in a virtually indestructible label that can withstand even the toughest conditions.


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Datacom and Low Voltage 

Label all of your data center connections, including cable wraps, cable flags, wires, fibers, racks, cabinets, bonding and grounding elements, and low-voltage elements.



Get printable heat-shrink tubing, safety panel labels, breaker identification labels, and more - many tough enough to withstand extreme conditions.


Heat-Shrink Tubing

Leverage Heat-Shrink Tubing For Clear, Legible Cable Marking

Wrapping a label over a connector is necessary for your work. What's not necessary is ending up with sticky hands, a mess to clean up, and unreadable labels. 

Instead, rely on Brother HSE heat-shrink tape. It's designed with the workflow of datacom heat-shrink labeling and electrical shrink tubing in mind. 

  • Simple: Just print directly on the heat-shrink tape with a heat-shrink label maker
  • Clean: A 3:1 tube-to-cable ratio makes it easy to slide your heat-shrink label right over the connector
  • Versatile: Choose from 5 widths and 2 color options for ultimate heat-shrink tape organization
  • Mobile: Choose from a variety of compatible rugged mobile label makers for heat-shrink to print right on-site
  • Durable: Tubing that can withstand temperatures up to 257° F, voltage up to 300-600 volts, and meet UL224 standards
  • Perfect Fit: Once heat is applied, the heat-shrink tape shrinks to a snug fit

How to Buy Brother Solutions

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