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CommScope helps companies around the world design, build and manage their wired and wireless networks. Our network infrastructure solutions help customers increase bandwidth, maximize existing capacity, improve network performance and availability, increase energy efficiency and simplify technology migration.

You will find CommScope's solutions in the largest buildings, venues and outdoor spaces, in data centers and buildings of all shapes, sizes and complexity, at wireless cell sites, in cable headends and telco central offices and in airports, trains, and tunnels. Vital networks around the world run on CommScope solutions.




Power forward with the speed and agility of Propel, the high-speed fiber platform from CommScope

Campus Fiber Solutions

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Unlock your campus potential with smart, flexible and scalable fiber solutions

With 5G fast approaching, CommScope can help your campus infrastructure stay agile, connected and efficient today and tomorrow. Our campus fiber optics solutions provide critical backbones that can support ultra-low latency, as well as speeds up to 100 Gbps and beyond.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of connectivity options that include singlemode and multimode solutions for indoor and/or outdoor environments. Always anticipating what's next, our campus fiber solutions are also certified to meet or exceed industry standards, making them relevant for years to come. Plus, each cable is printed with a unique WebTrak® serial number, which reveals performance results that can be viewed or downloaded online. 

Whether you need a more robust Local Area Network (LAN) or faster connections to the outside world, CommScope can help you keep up with today's demands while preparing for the future. Let us help you create bandwidth without boundaries. 






Campus Fiber Solutions

Unlock your campus potential with smart, flexible and scalable fiber solutions from CommScope. With 5G fast approaching, CommScope can help your campus infrastructure stay agile, connected and efficient today and tomorrow. Let CommScope help you create bandwidth without boundaries. Click here for more information.

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Not all IBW solutions are created equally. Each of the three main IBW technologies, small cell, traditional DAS and unified wireless infrastructure (UWI), provides numerous pros and cons, depending on the building's size, use and occumpancy. Click here to download CommScope's IBW Guide, which will help you and your clients sort through the different IBW options and find the best one for their facility. Click here to download your In-Building Wireless Best Practices eBook. 

The enterprise marketplace demands flexible, innovative solutions from a partner with deep insight and broad expertise. For decades, CommScope has delivered this excellence to customers—all over the world, across every major industry.

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Commercial Real Estate 


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Converged Wired and Wireless Enterprise Networks

RUCKUS networks simplify life for IT, while enabling you to deliver exceptional user experiences. With RUCKUS products and solutions, any organization - regardless of size or sophistication - can easily deploy, manage and expand a converged IT/OT network, while addressing unique business outcomes. With the help of machine learning and AI, IT can troubleshoot faster and proactively create, measure and meet SLAs that address the evolving needs of their users.

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  • WiFi Access Points: indoor, outdoor and special-purpose access points that deliver
    • smallbusiness_chalk-sign_wifi_1200x800When connectivity really matters, organizations turn to RUCKUS. Whether you’re challenged with high client density, WiFi-unfriendly building materials or just rising employee or customer expectations, their access points provide secure, reliable access no matter how tough the environment. Every RUCKUS AP, from the humblest to the boldest, is packed with patented technologies that go beyond the everyday to ensure superior connections and awesome user experiences.
  • Switches: flexible scalability and simplified management
    • The RUCKUS ICX family of fixed form-factor switches works together to simplify network set-up and management, enhance security, minimize troubleshooting and make upgrades easy. Their low-latency, non-blocking architecture ensures excellent throughput for the most demanding applications. Whether you're deploying a standalone switch, a stack or a fabric network, you'll reap the benefits of CommScope performance, flexibility and investment protection.
    • ICX switches work seamlessly with RUCKUS Wi-Fi access points, RUCKUS SmartZone network controllers and RUCKUS Cloud to deliver the most performance and cost effective unified wired and wireless access solutions on the market today.
  • System Management and Control
    • RUCKUS Cloud: AI-enabled converged network management-as-a-service
      • CommScope RUCKUS Cloud is an AI-enabled, converged wired and wireless network management-as-a-service platform that enables IT to deliver exceptional user experiences, simply. Using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and patented machine learning techniques, RUCKUS Cloud gives IT the troubleshooting tools to react quickly to service-affecting issues and to stop network anomalies from rising to the service-affecting level.
      • Unplanned downtime plummets, service levels rise. RUCKUS Cloud brings simplicity to a new level with global configuration and AI-enabled network health monitoring of all your customers' remote sites. Using the VAR dashboard, you can manage multiple customers’ networks from the Web or from the mobile app.
      • Simply put, RUCKUS Cloud is a win-win scenario for everyone. You get easy management and troubleshooting of your customers’ networks. Your customers are happy because their end users get a consistently great experience that is fast, reliable, and secure. 
    • SmartZone: wired and WLAN network controller, supporting up to 450,000 clients
      • SmartZone OS 5 delivers network visibility from the wireless edge to the wired core, in one single platform. The new SmartZone family of network controllers reduces deployment time, complexity, costs and training – and can scale up to 450K clients. For service providers, this increase in visibility allows you to quickly troubleshoot user connectivity problems by using the Visual Connection Diagnostic tool. You can also create Partner Domain layers to form a wall between tenants to ensure privacy.
    • RUCKUS Unleashed
      • RUCKUS Unleashed is a high-performance, simple-to-setup, easy-to-manage and affordable portfolio of access points (APs). These APs use patented technologies to deliver industry leading performance, but in a package designed and priced for small businesses.
  • Software and Saas
    • Cloudpath Enrollment: secure network access for any user - and any device - on any network
      • Cloudpath delivers secure wired and wireless network access for BYOD, guest users and IT-owned devices. It streamlines getting devices on the network, dramatically reduces help desk tickets related to network access and ensures every connection is secure. 
    • RUCKUS Analytics: comprehensive network intelligence for service assurance
      • Powered by machine learning and AI, RUCKUS Analytics gives IT comprehensive visibility into network operations, accelerates troubleshooting and helps IT meet their network SLAs. RUCKUS Analytics delivers powerful incident analytics, automated health monitoring, robust reporting, informative dashboards and more.
    • RUCKUS LTE access points enable organizations to easily deploy private LTE networks to address a wide range of critical use cases that are poorly served by existing connectivity alternatives.
    • The RUCKUS CBRS portfolio consists of CBRS-band LTE access points (APs) and associated cloud services. It enables organizations to easily deploy private LTE networks to address a wide range of critical use cases that are poorly served by existing connectivity alternatives. To facilitate IT-led initiatives, a RUCKUS private LTE network can be deployed as easily as Wi-Fi—in a matter of hours or days—and managed from the cloud. The newly available infrastructure operates in the U.S. CBRS band (3550 - 3700 MHz).
    • For MNOs, the RUCKUS CBRS portfolio provides a means of augmenting over-taxed cellular networks. For MSOs with a mobile offering, the RUCKUS CBRS portfolio provides a means of reducing MVNO expense. For neutral host operators, the portfolio provides a new tool to enable operator-neutral in-building cellular coverage, a use case that is expected to grow dramatically in popularity as CBRS-capable smartphones penetrate the mainstream subscriber base.


  • Education
    • k12_kids_devices_1200x800Securing student data privacy
      • IT is under enormous pressure to ensure that student data is protected. RUCKUS network solutions provide secure device authentication and policy management with sensitive data encryption, firewall protection and 100 percent secure connections. Learn more. 
    • Private networks and CBRS
      • Private LTE networks enable school districts to address communication challenges that only a dedicated, secure, ultra-high-quality network can reliably support. Learn more. 
  • Hospitality 
    • Guest and staff safety: a top priority
    • A network that lasts
      • When you deploy a new network, you need it to be optimized for your hotel environment—and you need it to last. Learn more. 
  • Government


  • WiFi 6
    • WiFi CERTIFIED 6™ (WiFi 6) brings higher capacity, efficiency, and performance to enterprises, distributed offices, and small businesses. Beyond WiFi 6, WiFi 6 extended (WiFi 6E) aims to support mobile users, IoT devices, and latency-sensitive applications in the 6GHz band. Discover WiFi 6 solutions from RUCKUS.
  • Internet of Things
    • Organizations across every industry are inventing new services, streamlining operations, and enhancing user experiences thanks to the IoT. From universities to hotels to offices to homes, the IoT is transforming the fabric of business and personal life. How can you use IoT in your facility? 
  • Converged Access
    • Edge network convergence consolidates all traffic onto a single existing IP/Ethernet network that’s easily managed from a single dashboard. Eliminate unnecessary cost and complexity with technology-agnostic access points and switches, converged IoT management software, and unified structured cabling from CommScope. Learn more.

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