Corning® Optical Network Evolution (ONE™)

Wire it once, enable many

Discover a bolder, brighter broadband future with Corning’s Optical Network Evolution (ONE™) platform, the first all-optical solution for the Enterprises cellular, Wi-Fi and Ethernet backhaul needs.

The ONE™ platform is a complete future-ready solution for enterprises and wireless operators. Built on an all-optical backbone with modular cellular service support from the head-end to the antenna, the ONE™ platform meets all of the cellular, bandwidth, and application needs of enterprises.

To make wireless work indoors, you need an in-building wireless system that uses equipment to distribute wireless signals throughout a facility. Whether you have a large or smaller building, a campus environment, or single facility, there is a ONE™ solution that fits your needs.

You need your wireless devices and services to work...anywhere. But when it comes to reliable coverage indoors, your building works against you, absorbing radio signals as they pass through. So how do you make your laptop, cell phone, and other applications work inside?

Watch this video for an overview of the ONE™ wireless platform and its functionality.

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