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Chatsworth Products (CPI) is a global manufacturer providing voice, data and security products and service solutions that optimize, store and secure technology equipment. Central to the success of CPI has been the establishment of employee empowerment under a philosophy of quality through teamwork, caring and commitment that guides our business to deliver products and services of the highest quality.

CPI Solutions Guide

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To ensure the integrity of your network and the equipment that comprises it, it is essential to employ security solutions that provide proper structural support, organization and monitoring capabilities. This will protect not only your equipment, but also the high volume of critical and sensitive information that you store and deal with on a daily basis. 


Aisle Containment 

Developed with built-in flexibility and high-quality engineering, CPI Aisle Containment Solutions easily adapt to challenges like limited ceiling height and complex overhead pathways. This makes Aisle Containment Solutions an excellent choice for both Brownfield and Greenfield applications. 

CPI Aisle Containment benefits include: 

  • Reduces cost
  • Eliminates hot spots
  • Supports heat and power densities up to 30kW per cabinet
  • Effectively uses 100% of supplied air
  • Reduces waste of chilled bypass air
  • Improves CRAC efficiencies due to higher supply-to-return temperature differences (Delta T)
  • Allows increased room temperature and higher set points on cooling equipment 

Aisle Containment Solutions by CPI are available in four standard configurations, each offering a unique and versatile approach to addressing your most pressing data center cooling needs.


Industrial Enclosures 

Protecting and securing equipment in warehouse, manufacturing and certain outdoor environments is an important part of running a successful business. CPI offers indoor- and outdoor-rated RMR solutions that support and secure next-generation small cell radio nodes, power electronics and network connections.

These NEMA-rated enclosures are completely sealed, providing electronic equipment with added protection against dust and liquid penetration. RMR enclosures provide solutions engineered specifically for technology, automation and control equipment in nontraditional and harsh environments and include:

  • Designed to meet NEMA Type 4 and 12, and IP 55 and 66 protection ratings
  • Adaptable to meet NEMA Type 1, 2, 3, 3R and 5 requirements
  • Rapid product modification and kitting
  • Complete solution under one part number
  • Formed-in-place foam gaskets for optimal sealing
  • Multiple equipment mounting options and accessories to support IT equipment, electronics and controls


Power Management 

CPI provides an extensive line of power management products and technology that deliver safe and efficient power distribution to all applications. Ranging from the innovative features of next-generation eConnect® Power Distribution Units (PDUs), such as CPI’s patented Click Secure Locking Outlets and Secure Array IP® Consolidation and integration with Electronic Access Control for enhanced physical security, to basic Power Strips and In-Line Meters, each of CPI’s power management products are specifically designed with flexibility and scalability in mind.

  • Prevents failures, ensures failover capacity and maximizes utilization
  • Provides data center managers with a complete picture of the health of their data center assets
  • Customized PDU solutions with short lead times
  • Complimentary pre-installation of PDUs into a cabinet before shipping
  • Fastens power cords with patented Click Secure Locking Outlets 
  • eConnect PDUs offer superior monitoring and switching capability at low deployment costs
  • Industry-leading standard warranty with optional extended warranty is available

Data Centers

The convergence of technologies into the Internet of Things (IoT) and the increasing demand for lower latency and faster processing requires a holistic approach to the data center. Infrastructure, hardware and software can no longer be addressed as separate systems. 

The most effective and direct path to availability and reliability is promoting the cohesive integration between the cabinet, power distribution, access control, software and the facility itself - establishing a cabinet ecosystem that provides the foundation for simplified, reliable operation.

CPI's cabinet ecosystem solution is the groundwork for you to successfully support, organize, manage, control, monitor, protect, optimize and simplify your operations.

What makes the CPI cabinet ecosystem better? 

  • Improves energy efficiency and reduces cooling costs
  • Minimizes network connections and cost for cabinet-level monitoring
  • Enables easy sourcing and delivered as a complete cabinet solution
  • Provides the ability to discover and centrally manage all supported equipment
  • Allows for modification of standard product, if required
  • Offers pre- and post-sale services and industry-leading warranties

Enterprise Networks

CPI's products don't simply start and stop within the bounds of the data center. Since its inception, CPI has been a trusted source of premise and enterprise network solutions designed to support your IT infrastructure with quality and integrity. CPI's products work together seamlessly to provide total premise network support.

  • Industry-leading open rack systems provide unsurpassed equipment support and integrated bonding provisions to simplify installation
  • Extensive portfolio of cable management products and accessories, available in both vertical and horizontal styles, are designed to meet ANSI/TIA/EIA installation guidelines for copper and fiber optic cabling
  • Cost-effective solutions that address future networking growth and cabling demands
  • Tool-less design in many products simplifies installation and adds, moves and changes (MACs), saving valuable time
  • Cable Runway and Tray Products provide simple and effective cable pathways solutions to easily manage and protect cables while maximizing network infrastructure uptime
  • Products are engineered for various industry applications and can be customized to meet your unique needs


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