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Microlab is a leader in low PIM (passive intermod) RF and microwave products enabling signal distribution and deployment of in-building DAS (distributed antenna systems), wireless base stations and small cell networks.

Active solutions from Microlab include GPS signal repeaters for cellular timing synchronization and passive safety monitors for real-time in-building DAS system diagnostics.


High performance passive components such as power combiners, directional couplers, attenuators, terminators and filters are developed for broadband applications to support public safety networks, GPS reference signaling, television transmitters and aircraft landing systems.


Microlab Applications

  • Salt Fog

  • Transportation

  • Low-PIM

  • Public Safety

  • EMEA

  • Small Cell

  • Outdoor

  • 4.3-10

  • DAS

Overcome Your Small Cell, DAS, and Public Safety Network Development Challenges

Ultra-Wideband 3x3 Hybrid Combiner for 5G

Microlab’s CM-680E is a compact 3x3 hybrid combiner with C-band support, ideal for D-RAN and small-cell outdoor 5G deployments. It accommodates multiple carriers and increased 5G bandwidth demands, consolidating signals into a single antenna feed.


Ultra-Wideband Diplexer for C-Band & 5G Carrier Aggregation

Microlab's BK-263E is a diplexer that enables the injection or splitting of the RF signals in 617-2690 MHz and 3300-5925 MHz. It allows efficient combining or splitting of cellular bands for C-band and NR-U 5G carrier aggregation in small cells or distributed RANs.


Microlab delivers quality products with unsurpassed reliability and performance.

  • Guaranteed Low PIM Performance
  • Guaranteed Specifications
  • High Quality and High MTBF
  • Application expertise to provide tailored solutions

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