nextivity_logo_tagline_color (1)Hello. We’re Nextivity and we’re headquartered in San Diego, California.

Nextivity engineers work with our partners around the world to develop and deploy the world’s most intelligent, powerful, and easy-to-use cellular coverage, critical communication, and private networking connectivity solutions.

We pride ourselves on working hand-in-hand with our partners to design smarter solutions that set you up for success. Because for us it’s simple: when you succeed, we succeed.




Connectivity Where you Work, Live, and Go

From enterprise buildings such as datacenters, healthcare centers, schools, and more to remote areas that rely on connectivity for critical communication, Nextivity solutions offer industry-leading performance that ensures reliable calling and data coverage.

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Bring the Power of the Network Inside the Building

Operators around the globe have spent billions of dollars building out the macro networks that deliver high-quality, reliable cellular service. Nextivity delivers Active DAS Hybrid solutions that go off-air – meaning they capture public cellular and LMR signals from nearby towers and pull them into the building, cleaning, and amplifying them to deliver reliable service throughout.

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IntelliBoost Technology: What Sets Nextivity Apart

Nextivity designs every part of our smart cellular coverage and public safety solutions from the ground up, and our proprietary IntelliBoost technology is at the heart of it all. Whether it’s the chip in our CEL-FI cellular coverage solutions or the software in our SHIELD critical connectivity solutions, IntelliBoost signal processing allows Nextivity systems to deliver industry-leading performance at the lowest cost per square foot.


Learn more about IntelliBoost technology.

Solve Your Coverage Challenges

There are many factors that can impact signal strength and cause connectivity challenges for cellular or public safety communication. From distance to towers to obstructions like mountains, weather, trees, and structures that block cellular signals from penetrating indoors, poor coverage is common and leads many to take extreme measures to get a signal. Older buildings often made of brick, stone, or concrete and newer construction using energy efficient materials are also very effective at keeping signal out.


Perfect for commercial, industrial, and public buildings, Nextivity systems combine industry-leading performance with unmatched scalability, allowing you to build a custom solution that overcomes your signal obstacles. Whether your ‘dead zone’ is one room, a hallway, or an entire structure, our cellular coverage and public safety communication solutions are perfect for solving connectivity challenges in just about any building.

  • Datacenters
  • Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Office and Property Management
  • Multi-Family Residential
  • Retail and Grocery
  • Parking and Pedestrian Areas +EV Chargers
  • Critical Communications
  • Private Networking


Coverage vs. Capacity: Why Nextivity Systems Can Improve Your Connectivity

When you experience poor signal in a building, more often than not the issue is coverage, not capacity. Unlike stadiums and airports where the abundance of devices makes it difficult to get a signal (capacity), experts estimate that 80% of the time connectivity problems happen when the strong signal outdoors can’t penetrate inside the building (coverage). Nextivity ‘off-air’ solutions are designed to tackle those exact scenarios – bringing the strong signal inside the building.


Legacy DAS or “Dumb” Repeaters Aren’t Always the Answer

For years, legacy distributed antennas systems (DAS) and “dumb” repeaters were considered the only options for solving in-building cellular coverage challenges. Today, our CEL-FI QUATRA Active DAS Hybrid solutions provide the trusted performance associated with legacy DAS at a fraction of the price and installation time. QUATRA solutions also can be set up, powered on, and start boosting coverage without a retransmission agreement from the mobile network operator (MNO), saving considerable time, money, and headaches for enterprises. And with the IntelliBoost chip, the systems deliver smart, channelized signal boosting, setting them apart from “dumb” repeaters. This unconditionally network safe performance has allowed CEL-FI solutions to be approved by nearly 200 MNOs in over 100 countries.

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Available in single, dual, and multi-carrier variations, the CEL-FI QUATRA line of products includes neutral-host solutions that are compatible with current and future cellular network technology. With category cabling architecture and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), the systems do not require any RF engineering resources, allowing installers to get in and out of projects faster than ever before. Plus, QUATRA solutions offer remote system monitoring and management from any computer, tablet, or smartphone via the Nextivity WAVE Portal.






Multi-Carrier with Private Networking Solution One or Two Operator Cellular Coverage Solution


Peace of Mind for Building Owners, First Responders, Installers, and AHJs

Public-Safety-RadioThere’s a trend in the world of in-building public safety communication: more and more jurisdictions across the United States are requiring business to have an Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement System (ERCES) on site prior to them receiving their Certificate of Occupancy (CoO) and opening their doors. This is to ensure first responders have the reliable in-building connectivity needed to communicate in case of an emergency situation.

Historically, installing an ERCES and getting it approved by the local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) was a lengthy and complicated task. So, we at Nextivity decided to change the game. Our family of SHIELD public safety ERCES combine unbeatable performance with industry-leading ease of installation and speed of deployment.

In addition to offering the ‘no noise guarantee’ that Nextivity solutions are known for, SHIELD systems automate system settings and parameters that once required tedious testing and adjusting. This precision not only gives building owners peace of mind that their system will pass AHJ testing on the first try, but also significantly cuts down installation time. This streamlined process helps businesses receive their CoO and start making money faster than ever before.


The Smarts Inside SHIELD Solutions

The research that went into developing the SHIELD family is based on the same research that went into our CEL-FI cellular coverage solutions – the creation and inclusion of Nextivity proprietary IntelliBoost technology. In CEL-FI cellular products, the IntelliBoost technology is built into a chip, while SHIELD products receive their smart features through software. Some of the benefits of the IntelliBoost software include:

  1. No noise guarantee – Set Uplink and Downlink Gain based on automatic isolation measurements
  2. Automatically adjusts Uplink Transmission Power
  3. The industry’s most robust solutions for combatting Near-Far Effect by delivering undisrupted radio signals for first responders in emergency situations
  4. Talk-Out Guarantee – The industry’s first Uplink Test using consumer two-way radios
  5. Unparalleled real-time Talk-In / Talk-Out Performance
  6. Antenna monitoring with Active Server Antennas


Solutions for Any Building

Designed to support buildings big and small, the SHIELD family includes two products – SHIELD SOLO and SHIELD EXTEND – to allow business owners to choose the best solution for their structure. SHIELD SOLO is a 0.5W ERCES that offers LMR 700/800 MHz coverage and can be configured as Class A or Class B in the field, while SHIELD EXTEND is an ERCES public safety DAS that offers the scalability to cover larger structures with 700/800 MHz and FirstNet coverage.





0.5W ERCES Public Safety BDA ERCES Public Safety DAS for LMR and FirstNet



Nextivity is a proud member of the Safer Buildings Coalition.


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