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Optical Cable Corporation (OCC)


OCC first built its reputation as a pioneer in the fiber optic cable industry with a strong commitment to quality, performance and service. Today, OCC is a leader in the engineering and manufacturing of a variety of high-performance, top-tier cabling and connectivity systems for a wide range of industries - from mission-critical broadcast applications to enterprise solutions, including Passive Optical LAN. OCC's products are designed to be smarter than the most challenging solutions and tougher than the harshest environments.

In addition, their innovation and expertise extends beyond cable products to entire connectivity systems, allowing you to rely on one convenient source for all of your connectivity needs. Some of the world's top corporations, data centers, universities, broadcasters, waste water treatment centers and military facilities choose OCC. 

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The Signal of Reliability

OCC has always been known for our innovative, reliable products. Thanks to the increasingly complicated demands of the broadcast industry, customers don't just need smart products - they need smart answers. That's why you can depend on the experts at OCC to provide data transmission solutions for every broadcast challenge, including deployable mobile units, permanent infrastructures, audio-visual systems and more. Some of the top sports, entertainment and business organizations in the world have taken advantage of OCC Broadcast Solutions in a variety of different ways. OCC's extensive fiber optic cable, hybrid cable and connectivity product lines are designed specifically for the growing needs and requirements of the broadcast industry. 

The Signal of Reliability

You can count on OCC for reliable products. In a fast-paced industry where equipment wear-and-tear happens, OCC can also repair and restore your gear. Whether it's their own or their competitors' products, you can rely on them to maintain and test your cable assemblies for continued ongoing value.

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Commercial Enterprise Solutions

Providing flexibility in network design.

OCC offers one of the largest network product portfolios in the industry. More choices and options in end-to-end fiber and copper cabling and connectivity products means more innovative enterprise solutions - providing the freedom for customized design builds that best meet your network cabling requirements. 

At OCC, they specialize in making installations faster and easier, while being one of the best network cabling manufacturers to offer extensively both harsh and controlled environment solutions to precisely serve every area of your network. OCC's new product innovations are designed to create a high-performance network with installation ease and lifetime value. 

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Passive Optical LAN

Solutions for your specific Passive Optical LAN challenge.

The broadcast industry continues to place high demands on cabling and connectivity solutions. Viewers are looking for high-definition video and clear audio that creates an engaging viewer experience. OCC empowers its customers to transmit more high-quality data to viewers faster. They create broadcast networks using fiber optic technology, which delivers high-bandwidth and low signal loss data streams. Whether using deployable mobile units, permanent infrastructures or audio-visual systems, the OCC Broadcast Solutions are designed to transmit high-definition broadcast signals in real-time. For these reasons, the leading sports, entertainment and business organizations around the world have worked with OCC to create stronger broadcast networks that delight their viewers. Explore new highlights of OCC's extensive fiber optic cable, hybrid cable and connectivity product line - designed specifically for the growing needs and requirements of the broadcast industry. 

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Senior Housing 

OCC and Accu-Tech partner to offer complete solutions for senior housing facilities.

Like many markets, the Senior Housing industry is challenged to accommodate the ever-increasing number of high-bandwidth applications, such as telemedicine, resident tracking and HD video security. The networks of many facilities are stretched to capacity due to these demands. Accu-Tech and OCC ensure your network is fully equipped to handle the growing needs of residents, staff and visitors in these communities. 

Accu-Tech and OCC have partnered to create the Senior Housing Solutions Brochure. This brochure illustrates our solutions and how they can be implemented in your facility. Click here to download your copy of the Senior Housing Solutions Brochure.

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