Established in 1903 and headquartered in Connecticut, USA, Siemon delivers over a century of innovation focused on helping network professionals deploy high quality, high performance cabling infrastructure. From the core products contractors need every day, to cutting edge data center ecosystems of the future, Siemon’s comprehensive suite of end-to-end copper and optical fiber cabling systems, cabinets, racks and cable management solutions has the network professional covered.


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What’s the most efficient way to connect IP-enabled IoT and smart building devices?

Get Straight to the Point

Siemon’s Z-PLUG is a completely new and innovative approach to field-terminated plugs.  Developed specifically to deliver direct-connect efficiency to high-performance IP-enabled and PoE end devices such as PoE lighting, security cameras, wireless access points, digital displays, and building automation controls, it directly addresses the traditional limitations of field-terminated plugs:

High Performance:

Z-PLUG exceeds all Category 6A performance requirements for 10Gb/s, easily supporting high-speed applications like 802.11ac Wi-Fi today, and delivering future-proof connectivity for tomorrow.

Deployment Efficiency:

Z-PLUG’s best-in-class performance allows users to make custom-length connections directly from the horizontal cabling to the end device, avoiding the added cost and complexity of typical work area outlet and patch cord configurations without sacrificing reliable 10Gb/s performance

Termination Speed:

The innovative Z-PLUG tool-based termination process is simple, intuitive, user friendly, and FAST – enabling best-in-class termination speed for rapid device deployment.


Z-PLUG terminates shielded and UTP, solid and stranded Category 6A and Category 6 cable in conductor sizes from 22 to 26 gauge, allowing it to be easily deployed in a wide range of projects and applications – all with a single part number.

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