Z-Band has been designing television and video distribution systems since 1999 for multiple market applications. In almost two decades of doing business, Z-Band has seen a tremendous change take place in the industry and is changing to meet these new industry needs. Z-Band takes pride in products, and ability to work with customers to provide a reliable solution to their video problems.

Z-Band products cover an array of applications; from simplifying television distribution, to enabling webcasting and Digital Signage. Z-Band will consult with you to help you find the best solution to your needs. 

Z-TV Systems
CATV / MATV Video Distribution
Take advantage of transmitting video over CAT 5 or 6 cable with our Z-TV systems.

Z-TV Products
Z-TV is a modern RF video distribution system that sends CATV/MATV video over CAT 6 cable. Z-TV was designed to help customers eliminate coax, achieving convergence of all media onto a single cabling infrastructure.

Z-TV systems utilize two core pieces for distribution of television signals; the Z-Distribution and Z-Balun. Z-Band's Z-TV system stands out for its intelligence, and the ability of the Z-Distribution unit to communicate with other Z-Distribution units and Z-Baluns to deliver consistent picture quality to 1000+ in a self-adjusting system. Learn more


Z-IP Systems
IPTV / IP Video Distribution
Take advantage of distributing content in a diverse technology ecosystem with our Z-IP systems.

ZIP Products

Z-Band’s Z-IP system offers an end-to-end, enterprise-level modular IPTV platform that includes highly scalable, standards-based encoding, decoding, management, recording, and playback to multiple viewing (desktops, TVs and mobile) devices. Depending on the application, you can get broadcast-quality unicast or multicast video distribution in multiple SD and HD formats.

Z-Band’s Z-IP system components encompass a wide range IPTV/IP video distribution functions including View, Stream, Transcode and Manage. Learn more


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Healthcare Video Distribution System - IP Video in Hospitals

Z- Band industry-healthcare

Hospitals can use Z-Band systems to provide patients with information regarding their treatment protocol or medications, as well as in-room entertainment as they are recovering. Z-Band systems can provide dependable HDTV in patient rooms, family lounges and cafeterias or deliver video for patient health care and family service information directly to the patient’s room.

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