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Oberon Recess Ceiling Mounts Featured in Cisco Aironet Series 2800/3800 Access Point Deployment Guide

by Teddi Strassburger on November 16, 2016

Cisco_Developer.jpgCisco's new 2800 and 3800 Series 802.11ac Wave 2 access points offer unprecedented enterprise mobile networking performance. The physical form of the access point differs from the 2700/3800, and the series includes new components, such as dual core processor, 12 radio transceivers, additional memory and processor power. Cisco states that "the intent was to make a very robust Access Point without the need for vent holes and to allow the product to be used in industrial and manufacturing areas as well as commercial enterprise environments." 

Oberon, a Cisco Solution Partner, is the leading manufacturer of mounting solutions and enclosures for Cisco access points. Cisco's latest access point deployment guide recommends use of Oberon recess ceiling mounts for the new 2800 and 3800 Series access points. 

Oberon's new 1040 Series recess mounts are designed to recess the access point partially into the ceiling, much like recessed lighting, exposing only the antenna face of the access point. This provides a secure, aesthetic and professional installation, veruss clipping the access point to the ceiling grid. Model 1040 Series styles are available for most types of ceiling, including suspended (drop) grid ceilings, cloud ceilings, hard (gyp-board) ceilings, new construction and existing construction.

Click here for Cisco's newest deployment guide. 

Mounting the Access Point in Suspended or Cloud Ceilings

Oberon_Model_1040-CCOAP3800-B.jpgOberon's Model 1040-CCOAP3800 is an economical, yet professional, recess installation kit for the Cisco 2800 and 3800 Series access points. The 1040 consists of a tile bridge (to support the access point), an AP bracket and AP-specific trim. 

The Model 1044 is a similar recess ceiling mount, but it has a solid back-box for healthcare environments where there is a concern about lifting ceiling tiles or where there is a concern for maintaining the integrity of a fire-rated ceiling system. The 1044-CCOAP3800-F Series has a larger front-attached trim. With the 1044 "-F" Series, once the back-box is installed, the trim piece with access point can be attached to the back-box from the front rather than tightened in from the rear of the back-box. This will simplify access point swap out and maintenance in a hospital environment with ICRA procedures. For hospital environments, please specify the front-attach ("-F") trim.

Oberon_Model_1042-CCOAP3800.jpgOberon offers multiple solutions for mounting access points in hard ceiling areas, including recessed wall mounts for old and new construction, surface mount boxes and surface mount enclosures. All of these products are intended to simplify the installation process and provide for an aesthetic installation. The 1042-CCOAP3800, shown at left, is for old construction or remodeling environments. The Model 1043-CCOAP3800 includes installation hardware for new construction environments. Both have a solid, firestopped back-box for ceilings with a fire rating. Trim pieces are available for leading enterprise AP vendors. AP-specific trim is included with the product. 


Click here to see the 1042-CCOAP3800 installation video.

Click here to learn more about Oberon.

Click here to contact your local Accu-Tech representative. 

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