Enterprise Solutions

Facilities and IT management have long acknowledge that the use of multiple infrastructures within the enterprise, comprised of components from any number of infrastructure vendors and installers, adds undue complexity to the buying and specifying process, as well as to the updating and management of the infrastructure. Adding to this complexity is the fact that most infrastructure vendors are unable to provide both high-value legacy cabling solutions for autonomous systems and high-performance IP-based solutions.

Unlike other infrastructure vendors, Belden tackles these problems by taking a universal approach to the enterprise – resolving every signal transmission need with IP- and legacy-based solutions that enable a smooth migration to convergence. Belden's solutions include:

  • High-bandwidth, high-density copper and fiber network infrastructure systems

  • Professional and commercial-level audio/visual and entertainment cabling systems

  • Security, control and alarm solutions for building automation and physical security applications

  • Racks, enclosures and cable management systems

Outstanding global service and support capabilities and application-specific warranty programs complete Belden's unique solutions offering.

Belden's Holistic Approach To The Data Center


data_center_engineerTypically, there are three major efficiency issues within the Data Center: the need to efficiently cool the IT load, manage the use of power and optimize the use of available space. The end goal is to increase density of bandwidth by maximizing processing capacity while minimizing the Data Center's footprint and reduce operational costs. The challenge is that these efficiencies tend to work against each other. Because these three issues are directly interrelated, complications can arise from each system being manufactured, installed and supported by different vendors. That's why a universal approach, like the one Belden offers, is so important.

Belden solutions effectively deal with the cooling, power and density paradox at the rack/enclosure level with air flow, power distribution and power and climate monitoring devices that effectively contend with high density computing environments and with high-density racks, enclosures, cabling system components and cable management solutions that help offset the cooling-power dilemma.