Hitachi Cable America

Hitachi Cable America (HCA) designs and manufactures high-performance copper and fiber optic communication cables. Our modern 300,000 square foot facility is located in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. Our equipment and advanced engineering technology enable us to produce a wide range of products to meet all industry-standard and custom cable needs.

HCA is a standards and technology based manufacturing company. Our cables are designed to exceed the most stringent ANSI, UL and CSA requirements. In addition, all of our premise and fiber optic cables comply with TIA and ISO telecommunications cabling standards. The Manchester facility is ISO 9001 registered and is a showcase example of a fully-automated cable manufacturing plant.


Hitachi Cable has built its brand and its reputation by providing the very best cabling solutions in the industry. As an innovative cable manufacturer, Hitachi Cable has come to learn that providing a solution means much more than just delivering the appropriate cable for the project. For Hitachi Cable, the real solution lies with providing more than what the customer expects. Whether it's outstanding customer service, a better value, or a fast turnaround, we strive to be better than the competition. And, we are very proud of what we do and how we do it. The videos in this section are intended to demonstrate that not every cable manufacturer is created equal. Throughout our Manchester, New Hampshire facility we incorporate both time-tested and cutting edge cable manufacturing technology to build our cables. We regularly invest in the latest equipment to ensure our product is the best and we welcome the opportunity to show it off. We hope you find the videos informative.


Premise Cable

HCA has a long history of designing and manufacturing advanced copper and fiber optic communication cables. The wire cable is carefully engineered for peak performance, ease of use and flexibility. our fiber optic cables are delivered in perfect condition with its reinforced reels and reel packing. Click here to learn more.


Ribbon Cable

The process for making great flat cable is simple. Start with the best materials used with the best tools. We run to the tightest tolerances in the industry with regards to span and width of our cables. In flat cables, the key to low cost termination is ease of the termination during the IDC process with consideration to minimize scrap. Click here to learn more.


Round Cable

Electronic cable constructions to meet the most demanding electronic applications like computers, audio/video, SCSI, networking, communications and other connectivity solutions. Custom designed electronic cable are manufactured to meet the strictest OEM tolerances. Click here to learn more.


Fiber Cable

HCA has a long history of designing carefully engineered fiber optic cable for best-in-class performance, ease of use and flexibility. Our facility features state-of-the-art machinery continuously monitoring and maintaining optimum line speeds while simultaneously protecting the glass fiber. From simplex fiber constructions to large, armored multi-fiber cables, Hitachi Cable America's wide range of standard solutions should accommodate your needs. Need a custom fiber optic cable or one that integrates copper cable, air tubes or other length-based components into a single cable design? HCA is the one for all of your optical fiber cabling needs. Click here to learn more.


Industrial Solutions

Hitachi Cable America has gone well beyond just standard Category cable when it comes to Ethernet applications.  HCA now offers dozens of unique industrial Ethernet cables designed to work flawlessly in a specific environment or under extreme conditions.  Options include solid or stranded conductors, shields and braids, low temp or high temp, 600 volt capability, high-flexibility, etc.  And, at the same time, provide maximum data throughput.  Click here to learn more.


Take a look at Hitachi Cable America's 2016 product catalog. From on-site copper extrusion to sustainability initiatives, learn more about what Hitachi has to offer.