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Hoffman protects your equipment. Your controls. Your information. Your power supplies. Your vital electronic assets. And your ability to do business.

Hoffman Protects Your Advantage

hoffman videoWith over 11,000 standard products and accessories, and many thousands more modified, custom, and co-developed possibilities, Hoffman offers enclosure solutions for every protection challenge.

In applications ranging from construction to telecommunications, from harsh outdoor control environments to sanitary manufacturing conditions, from industrial to institutional, Hoffman is the preferred brand of enclosures, setting the standard for excellence and service worldwide.




Pentair Technical Products has the right products for today’s commercial contractor, utility and HVAC applications - junction boxes, utility junction enclosures, weatherproof enclosures, panel enclosures, wireway, and enclosures with integrated fans or perforated panels for time and labor savings.



Communication Technologies

communications_market_banner_smallNetworking, data communication and telecommunication cabinets and systems from Pentair Technical Products not only protect your equipment, they ensure reliable performance and maximize service life, improving productivity and reducing maintenance. Advanced features address thermal, cable and power management, with worldwide availability to meet your installation needs.


energy_market_banner_smallFrom wind, solar, biofuel and hydropower renewable energy applications to traditional petrochemical refining and processing, Pentair Technical Products provides the industry’s widest selection of standard and modified mild and stainless steel, fiberglass and polyester enclosures, and thermal management solutions for global applications.






With our vast product offering, global manufacturing capabilities and program management, Pentair Technical Products is well-positioned to serve the broad range of industrial markets including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, automotive, material handling, packaging and machine tool.



From local municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment applications to multi-location railway or transportation installations, Pentair Technical Products provides complete solutions that are developed to your specifications and meet strict safety requirements.


Hoffman Product Catalog App




The Hoffman Product Catalog App features over 12,000 standard products including: low voltage electrical enclosures and cabinets for industrial and commercial applications; data communications and networking enclosures and accessories; and electrical enclosure and cabinet cooling solutions.

With this easy-to-navigate Product Catalog App you will have immediate access to up-to-date product information that travels in your pocket. Additional features include: real-time updates, intelligent product search and the ability to email customers key product information. Available for download on Apple iPad and Apple iPhone.




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