What is the Unified Physical Infrastructure approach?

Whether you’re a CIO, an IT director or a facilities manager, today’s economic climate demands that your business be flexible and scalable. But being able to address real-world changes or challenges in a quick and efficient manner can be problematic if your physical infrastructure runs on different systems that operate in silos.
That’s why Panduit developed the Unified Physical Infrastructure, or UPI, approach.
The UPI approach takes typically disparate and segregated systems — communication, computing, control, power, and security — and aligns them into a single, agile unified physical infrastructure that minimizes risk, increases flexibility and delivers maximum performance throughout the network—and the business.



Space-saving solutions from Panduit free up valuable real estate in the telecommunications room, allowing you to deploy more systems and services in the same footprint. Click here to learn more.



Panduit Data Center Solutions

panduitDataCenterThe data center is mission-critical to your business. As consolidationserver virtualization and  cloud initiatives intensify, a silo-based approach to designing, deploying and managing the physical infrastructure is costly and time-consuming.
In addition, while network architectures are elevating enterprises to new heights of agility, modularity, and efficiency ininfrastructure management, success in achieving these benefits relies on critical operational considerations.
Whether you are building a new data center or looking to reconfigure your current one, Panduit can help.
We collaborate with our customers to solve their most critical physical infrastructure challenges—leveraging our Unified Physical Infrastructure℠ (UPI) approach, our  partner ecosystem and our team of engineering and technology experts.
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Panduit Enterprise Solutions

panduitIndustrialToday’s buildings are being designed with business objectives in mind. Collaborative work environments, enterprise wide connectivity and energy saving technologies are improving employee productivity and decreasing operational costs. Panduit offers Enterprise solutions for  Large Corporate Accounts (LCAs) as well as  Small to Medium Size Business (SMB) .
Together with our partners, Panduit will work with you to create an end-to-end physical infrastructure solution that improves enterprise management and control—from the data center to telecommunications room to office environments including work areas and conference rooms
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Panduit Industrial Solutions

panduit enterpriseToday’s industrial organizations are driven to speed production and control costs while maintaining quality, safety and system reliability.  Partners that understand your unique application requirements can help you meet today’s business challenges and prepare for tomorrow.
Panduit offers solutions for your most demanding industrial applications—from construction to control room and factory floor topower generation. We work with you to deploy a robust physical infrastructure that streamlines your operations and improves overall productivity.
Please click below to register for "Industrial Ethernet Physical Infrastructure Reference Architecture Design Guide" It is currently available as four sepeartate files or as a single complete file to download. Please note that the single file is large and slower connection speeds may have trouble with this, consequently, we offer it also as four smaller, seperate downloads.

Panduit Data Center Solutions

Panduit’s Intelligent Data Center Solutions facilitate faster implementation and simple specification, streamlining the process of designing, specifying, installing, and managing the increasingly complex physical infrastructure necessary to optimize the data center.

Panduit provides a comprehensive, intelligent data center offering that supports best practice methodologies. Our data center solutions enable physical to logical architecture integration, and deliver robust, scalable physical infrastructures that address:

  • Visibility and control for managing and automating real-time data processes and documentation
  • Convergence of new technologies and high-speed data applications
  • Operational efficiency through process improvement and IT initiatives, such as cooling conservation through energy efficient data cabinets
  • Capacity management for greater real estate utilization
  • Modular pods designed to support high-density applications and provide consistent, reliable deployments while lowering infrastructure risk and costs