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5G Speeds are Coming. Are You Prepared to Embrace New Demands?

by Teddi Strassburger on July 11, 2018

CPI_GLOBAL_GLOSSY_VERT_BLUE-1The next generation of cellular wireless, 5G, is expected to bring considerably faster network speeds. With average speeds reaching between 500 Mbps to 1 Gbps with 10 ms latency, devices will be able to more quickly communicate with each other. The breadth of technologies on 5G, such as autonomous vehicles, virtual reality and IoT connections, will place demands on the telecommunications industry, and infrastructure upgrades may be required to meet these demands.  

Denser Networks and DAS

To support higher speeds and lower latency, 5G requires a denser network of small cells than previous generations of cellular wireless. Neutral host indoor small cells or an upgraded distributed antenna system (DAS) will be a critical component of high quality cellular service in most indoor environments. 

data center blue purple 2One of the challenges to deploying small cells or DAS is often the high expense of multiple systems to connect multiple carriers. Neutral host small cell or DAS provide a solution to this challenge, allowing multiple carriers to share the expense of network densification and deliver a stronger cellular wireless signal into the interior of buildings. Outdoor small cells may also be useful, particularly in dense urban areas. Small cells deploy similarly to a WiFi system connected to a PoE switch with access to the site's broadband connection. DAS may be active or passive depending on site conditions. 

Active DAS requires power and amplifies the signal with the building. A multitude of components are required, such as a base station or donor antenna/amplifier, repeater nodes/remote units and indoor antennas. It may be possible to use existing fiber structured cabling for this, but generally, DAS is a separate network overlay. 

How to Support 5G: Advancements in Cable Management 

Using smaller cable bundles with more spacing between bundles is suggested to allow additional airflow and control the potential for the buildup of heat where cable concentrates in pathways. 

These advancements in cable management can help support 5G in your facility: 

  • Cable Runway
    • Cable runway, or ladder rack is now available with movable cross members and tool-less pathways dividers. These features allow you to: 
      • Adjust the position of a cross member if it interferes with the transition of cables between the vertical manager and overhead pathways 
      • Place radius drops exactly where they need to be to path cable into the vertical manager
      • Maintain space between cable bundles within the pathway 
  • Vertical Cable Managers
    • Enhanced vertical cable managers with internal supports enable you to: 
      • Space cable bundles and improve airflow around cables
      • Improve troubleshooting by neatly organizing each bundle
      • Provide additional space within cable managers to allow more space around cables 

CPI offers these advanced cable management solutions to help you prepare for the future of 5G. Click here to contact your local Accu-Tech representative to learn more about CPI's cable management solutions. 

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