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B-Line's CUBEFuse is Giving Engineers 70% More Room to Think

by Paige Looney on August 3, 2015


The world is definitely not shrinking, but the systems and devices it runs on are becoming ever smarter, ever more complex and ever smaller. As companies race to miniaturize just about everything from cell phones to servers sensors, monitors and controls are getting squeezed into incredibly tight places. This led Eaton to re-think one of electrical engineering's most fundamental components — the fuse. One huge obstacle stood in Eaton's way, the knowledge that you can't design an advanced electrical system without figuring out how to protect it from overloads or short circuits. 

Smaller packaging leads to bigger thinking

When it comes to designing control panels, space is at a premium. Eaton engineers realized that a step-change in fuse design wasn't enough. They needed to dramatically shrink its footprint.

After months of prototyping and testing, the Bussmann series CUBEFuse emerged and, incredibly, it was up to 70% smaller than any other Class J fuses on the market. By challenging the traditional fuse shape, CUBEFuse makes it possible to dramatically shrink panel size. But what's most exciting is the total CUBEFuse package. Not only is it easy to install, it's finger-safe to protect against accidental contact during installation or service, and it helps reduce arc flash hazards.

Because it's so small, the design impact of the CUBEFuse is huge. Traditionally, engineers had to make design concessions based on the physical size of their fuses. By reducing the CUBEFuse footprint, now the panel design can be reduced as well. This means more wall space for new enclosures and monitors — and more physical space for intelligent controls within machines.

Shrink on, and on

Though the implications are obvious for any UL 508A panel shop, Eaton customers across industries see CUBEFuse as a critical way to improve system designs. Whether it's in HVAC or alternative energy, CUBEFuse allows manufacturers to find significant space and cost savings. Eaton helped one leading wind energy OEM maximize space by custom engineering a higher-voltage CUBEFuse (690V-rated) to fit into the incredibly complex controllers of next-generation wind turbines. The innovative CUBEFuse design also helped solar installers and manufacturers meet new standards and design internal disconnect capabilities into solar inverters without having to increase the overall form factor. It's a true collaboration point, where one innovation drives the next.

Explore all CUBEFuse products

pct_1213060 pct_1213061 pct_1213062 pct_1213063
Fast-Acting CUBEFuse Photovoltaic CUBEFuse Time-Delay CUBEFuse Wind CUBEFuse
Finger-safe, true, fast-acting fuse construction delivers faster response to damaging faults to help reduce destructive thermal and magnetic forces. Finger-safe, fast-acting fuse designed and listed to UL 2579: Low Voltage Fuses – Fuses for 600Vdc photovoltaic systems. Finger-safe fuse and fuse holder system; dual element, time-delay fuse; 10 seconds minimum operating time at 500% rated amps. Wind CUBEFuse is a fast-acting 690 volt finger-safe fuse specifically designed to protect wind power generation systems, available in ratings from 1 to 100 amps.

Energizing your business

This kind of positive ripple effect is at the very heart of the Eaton innovation. From data centers to motor controls, Eaton sales teams are finding new ways to leverage CUBEFuse in the company's own product lines and customer solutions to save space, while never compromising product safety. Innovations like CUBEFuse show that when you question even the smallest assumption — "a fuse is a fuse," for instance — the possibilities become truly exciting.

For more information about the CUBEFuse series, Eaton fusable circuit protection or to see how Eaton's innovation is helping customers across all industries, please contact your local Accu-Tech representative.

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