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Digital Signage & Customer Communication

by Nate Johnson on November 27, 2013


Consumers and customers in today's world are constantly battered by different advertising, marketing, software, people and other things vying for their attention. While this may at first seem to pose a difficult problem of how to then go about reaching them, the modern society has effectively trained itself to gather information from displays – originally from televisions, then computer screens, now any sort or size of screen. Digital signage poses a unique opportunity to take advantage of a comminication problem stemming from traditional marketing and advertising tools.


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Digital signage provides a positive first impression and adds to a visitors overall experience. Continuing changes to sign content provide the power to give all pertinent information to whatever may be displayed on the sign. Quick updates and seamless software applications make digital signs far superior to their traditional physical counter parts. Digital signage has been widely well received by industries as a whole, but especially those such as banks, hospitals, schools and corporations.


Digital signs have so vigorously displaced traditional physical signs not only because of their efficiency and capabilities, but also because they scale to applications very well. Solutions are avaiable for any sized application. Smaller distributions of digital signs relatively close together can take advantage of direct links to one or more computers in the area. Larger applications spread over a greater distance of several thousand feet, or more, can utilize network connections to display content. As the technology has become more cost efficient, additional features have become fairly commonplace as well, for example touchscreen interfaces, allowing for customer interaction at an entirely new level.


Quiktron is a leading manufacturer in the creation of quality cable connectivity solutions for data and telecommunications, and has a wide variety of products related to the installation of digital signage. Below are a selection of resources which detail examples of digital signage can be used in action, and the different parts that are necessary to create the digital sign system.



If you are curious about Quiktron products, or would like to know more about a digital signage system, please contact you local Accu-Tech representative for more information.

Topics: Display & Digital Signage Video Management System Quiktron

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