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How Is Single-Pair Ethernet Set to Change Cabling and Connectivity?

by Bobby Salerno on April 2, 2021

As technology continues to evolve and improve, change in the cabling and connectivity industry is inevitable. Continue reading to learn a few ways Single-Pair Ethernet is set to change cabling and connectivity.

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Single-Pair Ethernet is an Ethernet protocol that is designed to operate over a single pair of UTP/STP cable. Using only two conductors the cable provides a cost effective, lightweight and easy to install option. Even though wireless devices can support many of the same applications, keep in mind that control and sensor devices require power as well. In a facility there are plenty of devices and sensors being deployed, in many cases smaller is often a better option when managing and routing cables, making Single-Pair a perfect match for small IoT devices and sensors.

Belden Single-Pair Ethernet

What areas will single-pair Ethernet impact? We’re glad you asked. Single-Pair Ethernet will impact Enterprise IoT, On-Board Automotive Sensors, Industrial Automation and more.

While the industry is rapidly moving towards smart buildings, Enterprise IoT will start seeing Single-Pair Ethernet being utilized to support the connection of an increasing number of low-data devices in facilities.

As advancements to smart car’s on-board automotive sensors continue to improve, the cars require the transmission of data to park automatically, warn of lane departures and even support smartphone apps we all use. How will this happen? Single-Pair Ethernet of course. Single-Pair Ethernet can connect the car’s networking system to on-board microcontroller units to provide these features.

Sensors and actuators used in industrial automation are like the ones used in automotive applications. These devices need to connect to the network to detect and report information such as environmental conditions. The devices generally do not require high data rates, which can be supported by Single-Pair Ethernet.

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