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Ensure Video Data Security with Ocularis from OnSSI

by Teddi Strassburger on November 11, 2016

In applications where video plays a critical role as evidence, it is paramount that the video data is transmitted, stored and exported securely. OnSSI's Ocularis 5 video management system provides a series of security mechanisms that enable users to maintain full end-to-end security and integrity of video data. 

OnSSIIn a digital video surveillance system, the typical flow of data can be broken down into the following five steps. There are risks with each step, and explained below are the benefits of Ocularis 5 in helping to prevent these risks from occurring: 

  1. Video is captured by the camera. Cameras can be disconnected or fail to record. Ocularis automatically detects if the camera is not responding, and if this is detected, a "communication error" event is triggered, sending alerts to administrators. Plus, Ocularis includes server-based tampering detection in case cameras are turned or the camera lens is covered. Ocularis' scene change detection feature operates by comparing a reference image to the current view to detect changes in the scene such as obstructions, slow movements of the camera or dirt and debris.
  2. Video data is streamed over the network to the Recording Server. A network could become compromised and allow unauthorized people access. Ocularis supports HTTPS/SSL encryption on cameras and encoders that include this feature to require a security certificate in each edge device, which prevents unauthorized persons from accessing the video stream. 
  3. Video data is stored by the Recording Server database, and video recordings stored on the server can be tampered with or fail. Ocularis employs several prevention and detection methods to try to avoid this. In addition, Ocularis Ultimate supports Recording Server failover, which is a function where one or more Failover Recording Servers monitor the state of the primary Recording Servers, and, if one of the primary servers fails, the Failover Recording Servers will take over the task of recording the video. 
  4. Live and recorded video is streamed over a network to a Client. The network could be compromised, which could give unauthorized people access to communication between the Recording Server and the Client. Only the Ocularis Client is able to decode the video stream from the server, as all communication between clients and the server is secured with encryption and a proprietary video stream. 
  5. Live or recorded video is exported by the Client. The video surveillance system could be hacked, or the exported video could be viewed and copied by unauthorized people. Video streamed from the recording server, both live and recorded, is only viewable by the Ocularis Client. Ocularis Client also supports password protection and database encryption using 128- or 256-bit AES encryption on the exported video database. 

Ocularis from OnSSI enables users to deploy video surveillance solutions with full end-to-end security. Not only does Ocularis help you keep your facility safe, but it helps protect the integrity and safety of the video footage itself. 

Visit OnSSI to see Ocularis 5 in action at ISC East 2016, booth #644/645, November 16-17th at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in NYC.

Click here to view the OnSSI Video Data Security White Paper

Click here to learn more about OnSSI.

Click here to contact your local Accu-Tech representative. 

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