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Five Advantages of Using PoE Cables for Low Voltage Applications

by Teddi Strassburger on May 20, 2022

In this blog post from Superior Essex, we explore the benefits of using PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) cables for low voltage applications. You may be surprised by some of these advantages! Read on below.

AdobeStock_295108935-1Low voltage applications have been installed and used in buildings since electricity began running to them. Telephones, audio and video equipment, wireless routers, and security cameras all require low amounts of electricity to operate. Historically, these devices have needed both data and power cables running to them to function. That is no more.

Here are five ways power-over-ethernet (PoE) cables can link your low voltage applications together and deliver layers of benefits.

1) Lowers operational and capital expenses.

First and foremost, PoE cables reduce the number of wires and cabling you need to run these low voltage devices. This decreases your up-front capital expenses.

Installing PoE cables also saves in-building operation and maintenance costs. PowerWise PoE cables only use DC power, which significantly saves on energy costs. AC to DC conversion yields up to a 20% loss of power. By using PowerWise cables, you will save in operational costs. Energy consumption could go down as much as 17% in the first year.

Finally, creating a smart building network with low-voltage applications also increases the asset value of the building. Connecting these devices with PoE cables means your building is ready for the future of communications technologies.

2) Reduces the environmental impact of the building and utilities consumption.

There are many ways you can create a network that diminishes the environmental impact of your building, but one is powering your devices with DC power. Buildings with DC power can reduce energy waste by up to 45% and using sustainable cabling — like Superior Essex’s PowerWise family — can decrease energy usage up to 50%. But energy reduction is just one step.

PoE-connected networks can better track other utility consumption, like water. This allows building managers and operations staff better understand the needs and habits of their employees.

3) Enhances occupant satisfaction.

Imagine a building that can keep a consistent temperature throughout the day without having to adjust your thermostat. You can keep those inside the building happy easily by installing a smart network. Automatic shades connected to smart thermostats by PoE cables make this a reality. On top of climate control, you can automate lighting, doors, and other high-traffic areas of your building.

4) Enables converged application and cloud services control.

Devices connected by a 90-watt PoE cable enable better IT-OT convergence by creating an end-to-end solution managed by a central IT control center. This decreases operational costs, enables intelligent control for cloud services, connects more applications, and makes it easier for IT and operations teams to worth together.

5) Increases usable space inside the built environment.

By using power-over-ethernet cables, you decrease the need for electrical closets and other hardware. Instead of closets full of electrical cables and plugs, you can reutilize these spaces for human needs, or open them up to the main building altogether.

Low voltage applications only see their benefits when interconnected with the right cabling products. PowerWise PoE cables from Superior Essex guarantee you capitalize on these benefits and then some. Learn more about the PowerWise products from Superior Essex and how they can help you meet sustainability and expenditure goals by contacting your local Accu-Tech representative.

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