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High-PoE Success without a Sweat from Berk-Tek

by Paige Looney on July 28, 2015


We're in the midst of a digital transformation. One where more devices than ever are now connected to and sharing data over the internet. While the Internet of Everything will allow remote access across existing network infrastructure, it will drive more bandwidth, more wireless, and more PoE. The popularity of PoE has soared over the last decade, primarily due to its cost effectiveness.

As more devices are added to the internet, hard wired connections will connect the most sensitive and important connections, the same devices that will be powered through next generation PoE. When transmitting power through copper conductors, there will be resistance, and this will generate heat. As more power is transmitted, more heat is generated. You can imagine that transmitting 100W will generate significantly more heat than when transmitting 15W or 30W.  Heat is no friend to IP traffic on copper cabling. It weakens signal strength (attenuation) and makes IP traffic more prone to errors. More errors can cause your network to slow to a crawl and/or can possibly lead to rebooting. Taking this into account while approaching the new PoE standard 802.3bt, Berk-Tek has come up with solutions and recommendations to keep you connected.


Join Berk-Tek for their High-PoE Success without a Sweat Webinar on July 30th at 1PM EST to discuss:

  • How PoE works
  • The new PoE standard 802.3bt that is currently under development
    • Goals of the new standard
    • Expected completion
    • How much more power
  • How much heat generated from initial testing
    • Test set-up
    • Test results
  • What does this mean for you?
    • Recommendations

Can't attend the webinar? You can view it can view it here or download the Test Report and White Paper for the new PoE standard 802.3bt below to find out everything you need to know about High-PoE Sucess:


Download White Paper


To find out more about Berk-Tek's PoE Solutions or other solutions for your facility or next installation, or for any other questions, please contact your local Accu-Tech representative.


Topics: Berk-Tek PoE webinar Internet of Things

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