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Improve Patient Outcomes by Integrating Medical Applications

by Teddi Strassburger on March 23, 2021

AdobeStock_361978490In a recent blog post, we shared why it's important to consider upgrading your hospital's network. To summarize, upgrading your hospital's network enables you to implement new, integrated technologies and bring new features to patients, doctors and staff. Today, we're taking a look at the benefits these integrated technologies can bring you and how they can potentially improve patient outcomes. 

Healthcare networks continue to face unique challenges in the industry. A hospital or medical facility's network must be prepared to meet demands across a variety of areas, including performance, assurance and efficiency. For example, new medical experiences, like telehealth or VR training, require superior network technology in order to perform at their best. As more assets are added to your facility, you may need to implement new security features. Oversight of security and other intelligent systems must be efficient to reduce excess time spent in these areas. Even more basic needs, such as staff communication, inventory control and patient monitoring place increasing demands on your network. Your network needs to be ready to meet those demands. 

Integrating all of these various services and devices together within your building can bring new efficiencies and features to your staff and your patients. Convergence and integration bring your systems and infrastructure together to prepare for the future of Healthcare. Upgrading your hospital or medical facility to an integrated building and bolstering your network can enable you to implement all sorts of services, such as real-time access to patient data, innovative security solutions or even smart lighting and HVAC controls. Imagine what you could do with connectivity on every floor of your hospital, a real-time and holistic view of your network, and the benefits of employing the Internet of Things throughout your facility. Learn more about how patient outcomes can improve with integration of medical applications by checking out this infographic from CommScope

With vital telemetry, bed alerts, nursery monitoring and more all dependent on connectivity, comprehensive healthcare-grade, standards-compliant coverage is a must. CommScope’s advanced cabling and wireless solutions enable advanced applications with superior performance. Contact your local Accu-Tech representative to learn more about CommScope's solutions, or visit CommScope's page on our website. 

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