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Introducing the Prysmian League: Wire and Cable Heroes Keeping the World Connected

by Teddi Strassburger on February 27, 2023

Check out this blog post from Prysmian Group, where they introduce you to the Prysmian League - their full portfolio of solutions to meet and exceed your needs. 

Prysmian League_1600x680Prysmian Group proudly introduces the Prysmian League, a team of wire and cable superheroes representing the Group’s strong portfolio of brands, each using unique superpowers to meet the energy and communications needs of today and tomorrow.

The Prysmian League, comprised of eight distinct heroic characters with diverse backgrounds and strengths, embodies the Group’s powerful brands that stand for uncompromising quality and the durability of Prysmian’s wire and cable products. As a member of the Prysmian League, each hero represents the key strengths and characteristics of the Group’s brands:

  • PRYSMIAN® - As the leader of the League, PRYSMIAN keeps the League connected. With the ability to create energy fields to connect the world using her diamond-shaped ring, Prysmian leads the team of heroes who play a crucial role in linking humanity to a sustainable future.
  • CAROL® - Heroically durable and fearlessly flexible. CAROL uses her power of supreme flexibility and durability to keep job sites running smoothly, even in the harshest conditions. Just like Prysmian Group’s full portfolio of CAROL® flexible cords and cordsets and electronics wire and cable.
  • GenSPEED® - Full speed ahead. Traveling at ultra-high speed, GENSPEED is ready to meet tomorrow’s demands for even faster data. And he’s fueled by GenSPEED® datacom cable solutions, making connecting the most complex network systems easier than ever.
  • AIRGUARD® - Always be on guard. That’s easy to do when you’re AIRGUARD with the power to create an impenetrable shield of protection. In the same way, AIRGUARD® armored cable systems offer protection in some of the most demanding industries, from offshore drilling to chemical refining.
  • STABILOY® - Flow with the current. STABILOY can absorb electricity to give the team the necessary power to tackle any job. A trick he learned from STABILOY® aluminum alloy wire and cables, distributing power across commercial, institutional and industrial construction sites everywhere.
  • SUNGEN® - Walk in the sunshine. SUNGEN is a shining beacon of hope for tomorrow. Her ability to withstand high temperatures and harness sunlight helps her blaze a trail toward a solar-powered future. This is also what helps SunGen® single conductor, sunlight-resistant, photvolactic wire.
  • LIFELINE® - Strength forged in fire. LIFELINE is the hero that is fearless in the face of fire. Like her namesake Lifeline® fire-resistive cables, she’s resistant to heat and fire. Keeping vital communication and power systems up and running when you need them most.
  • ANACONDA® - Steady as a rock. ANACONDA's superhuman strength makes him the team’s muscle. A strength only equaled by Anaconda® mining cables providing unsurpassed service life in the harshest conditions.

From the blazingly ultra-high speeds of GENSPEED and the protective armor of AIRGUARD to the flexible durability of CAROL and the superior electrical performance of STABILOY, the Prysmian League represents the superpower strength and needs necessary to keep the world connected for generations to come.

To learn more, reach out to your local Accu-Tech representative or visit the Prysmian Group page on our website. 

Topics: genspeed connectivity Prysmian Group

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