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Introducing the WilsonPro 1000C

by Teddi Strassburger on October 18, 2018

WilsonPro CloudEveryone expects their cell phones to work properly everywhere they go. From hospitals to office buildings, consistent cell service has become a necessity for communication, and as a contractor or building manager, it is your responsibility to ensure everyone who passes through your facility can get the cell signal they need to text, call and otherwise stay in contact with others.

But what do you do when the cell tower's signal just isn't coming through? That's where cell signal boosters come in. Located inside a building, cell signal boosters improve cellular connectivity by boosting the signal from the cell tower outside. Cell signal boosters ensure reliable cell signal and therefore, communication, indoors.

WilsonPro is one of the leading manufacturers of commercial cell signal boosters. Their cell signal boosters are powerful and innovative, and the new FCC-approved Pro 1000C is no different. The Pro 1000C features the same amplifier as the Pro 1000 but with added WilsonPro Cloud monitoring functionality, enabling a variety of new features. The WilsonPro Cloud allows you to easily monitor and manage the cellular amplifier remotely, view notifications and examine the performance history of the amplifier, all in one place. With this new functionality, you are able to access the information you need to properly manage the Pro 1000C over the Internet, so you can ensure everything is running smoothly, no matter where you are. 

The Pro 1000C is ideal for facilities up to 35,000 square feet, meaning it is very well-suited for office buildings, schools and hospitals. And no matter where you put it in your facility, you can monitor any issues that may arise with the WilsonPro Cloud, ensuring connectivity. 

Want to learn more about this solution and start improving cellular connectivity for the people who work, live in and/or visit your facility? Click here to contact your local Accu-Tech representative. 

Join Wilson for a webinar on Thursday, October 25th from 11AM to 12PM PDT to learn more about this new solution. Click here to register.

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