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Leviton Atlas-X1TM Meets Cat 8 Performance

by Julie Clark on February 4, 2015
Leviton Atlas-X1TM Confirmed by Intertek to Meet Cat 8 Performance
The New Leviton Atlas-X1 System Seamlessly Supports Migration Paths up to 40G

This week, Leviton announced the upcoming release of its new structured cabling system, Atlas-X1. The Atlas-X1 is the industry’s first system to support shielded applications from Category 8 to 5e and UTP applications from Category 6A to 5e, all from one unified connectivity platform. This comprehensive system is made in the United States, and delivers high levels of performance across all categories to seamlessly support network migration to 40GBASE-T.

TeaserPageImage_11515The Atlas-X1 system has been tested and confirmed by Intertek, an independent electrical testing lab, to meet the current draft 2.0E of the TIA-568-C.2-1 Category 8 proposed standard (Oct. 2014). 

“We are excited to announce the new Atlas-X1 system has been confirmed by a third party to achieve Category 8 performance,” says Ross Goldman, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Leviton Network Solutions. “The unique, all-new Atlas-X1 connector platform gives the installer a consistent termination method across the board, from Category 8 to Category 5e for shielded and from Category 6A to Category 5e for UTP installations.”

The new Atlas-X1 system has also been independently tested and is confirmed to exceed Category 5e, 6 and 6A UTP and shielded ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 standards.

“The Atlas-X1 system delivers the highest guaranteed margins in both short and long channels,” says Goldman. “Atlas-X1 is feature rich, rugged, fast-to-install and includes innovative Leviton technologies that create a precisely tuned system. As a result, Leviton customers can be confident they are installing a reliable structured cabling system that delivers industry-leading performance and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.”

Atlas-X1 Category 8 connectivity will be part of the Berk-Tek Leviton Technologies Category 8 structured cabling system. This U.S.-made system uses pre-production Category 8 cable from Berk-Tek, supports a 30-meter channel, and has been independently tested to achieve Category 8 performance.

“Through our intimate involvement in the development of the Category 8 standard, Berk-Tek and Leviton have used our extensive cable and connectivity expertise to create an end-to-end channel that meets and exceeds the new draft standards,” stated Paul Trunk, President of Berk-Tek.

Leviton will be unveiling the new Atlas-X1 premium end-to-end structured cabling system at BICSI Winter in Orlando, FL, February 22-26, 2015. Be sure to stop by booth 907 to learn more.

Additionally, Leviton will be presenting a training webinar on May 28th for their Atlas X1 solution - click here to sign up for this free product training!


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