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Manufacturing Cable That Makes Installation Easier

by Teddi Strassburger on December 20, 2022

To meet performance demands, every piece of hardware - including cables - must be installed correctly in your IT network. Superior Essex offers solutions that help installers work faster and more accurately. Read on to learn more!


Emerging communications cabling technologies promise dynamic digital networks. However, those capacities can be cut short before they’re even enacted if improperly installed. Cable installation is a vital step in creating a high-performing network and building the backbone of the IT system.

Superior Essex Communications designs cables with installers in mind so they can do their jobs more accurately and proficiently. They add easy-to-find identifiers on the cable and unique elements to aid with termination. All of these features are added to make installers' jobs easier and to make your network perform even better. 

Constructions sites or IT closets are often not well-lit. Copper pairs traditionally colored with one solid wire and one white-striped wire can be confusing and hard to see. ColorTip® makes it easy to pair copper conductor mates in low-light areas. Instead of white and green (or orange, blue, or brown) banded wire, Superior Essex wraps their pairs with a light green, orange, blue or brown wire, so installers don’t have to guess which white stripe they're matching.

From data requirements to power demands, IT devices continue to evolve. This means the types of cables needed throughout a building will vary. Installers need to hook the correct cable to the correct application, and quickly find the cable they need for that run. The Superior Essex CableID® system prints the cable name every two feet from the start of the cable run to the end, so installers can be sure they’re grabbing the correct cable for the task they’re completing.

“How long is this cable run?” and “Which cable is this?” are common questions on the job site. Installers usually rely on tracking each individual run and subtracting that from the total length of that cable. This wastes time and leads to confusion. QuickCount® shows how much cable remains on the reel in feet and meters every two feet. This helps cable pullers track how much cable they’ve used and how much they need to pull for each run.

Cable installation is an often-overlooked factor in cable design. Superior Essex manufactures cables with installers' needs in mind so they can do their jobs faster and better, creating a better-performing IT network. With easy-to-identify cable names, lengths, and copper pairs, Superior Essex communications cables help cable installers build top-performing networks.

Contact your local Accu-Tech representative to learn more, or visit the Superior Essex page on our site. 

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