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Oberon's Outdoor Wi-Fi for Schools

by Bobby Salerno on July 2, 2020

Whether providing drive-up options during the current crisis or preparing for ongoing and future needs, a well-designed outdoor network provides critical services to the education community.

With stay-at-home rules in effect in many locations, school districts are implementing on-line learning for their students. For those students who may have limited internet access, some schools have established outdoor Wi-Fi networks near the school where some students can access the District network while maintaining safety protocols.

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These networks are an extension of the District Wi-Fi into the parking lot or other common area near the school. Students arrive by vehicle and safely connect to the school’s enterprise network without leaving the car. The student quickly downloads lessons and programs and uploads assignments for the day.

For schools looking to establish such a network, Oberon can help. We know the new outdoor network must be set up quickly for immediate use where local rules permit. To meet both current and long-term needs, the AP must be secure and protected from weather, theft and tampering. Oberon’s distributors are now stocking many of our leading NEMA 4 Wi-Fi AP enclosures.

Solutions for Challenging Environments

Educational facilities include a wide variety of environments, Schoolindoors and out. Oberon supports education networks with secure access point enclosures and mounts for use in diverse installation settings. Our solutions are designed to simplify installation, secure and protect the AP, and optimize the wireless performance of access points and antennas.

1020 Series

Oberon’s most compact Skybar NEMA 4 enclosure conceals and protects APs with embedded antennas in locations where it is desirable to minimize the visibility of the AP. The Model 1020 is a rugged, low-loss ABS plastic enclosure. It can be painted to blend in with the environment and is ideal for courtyards and entryways. Available with a right-angle mounting bracket (to position the AP in the preferred horizontal orientation), and a pole mounting bracket.

Oberon's 1020 Series provides flexibility for outdoor Wi-Fi AP installations

Clockwise from top left:


  • Mounted on exterior wall


  • Mounted on exterior wall


  • Right-angle bracket (-RAB) and pole mount kit (-PMK)


  • Right-angle bracket (-RAB)

Visit 1020 Series

1021 Series

Sized for flexibility, the Model 1021 Skybar NEMA 4 enclosure is large enough to conceal and protect APs and directional (panel) antennas. The Model 1021 is a rugged, low-loss polycarbonate plastic enclosure available with an internal articulating antenna mount and a pole mounting bracket.

The 1021 is ideal for Wi-Fi coverage in parking areas and garages as it can be mounted on the wall or on light poles. It can be painted to blend in with the environment.

Oberon's 1021 Series

Left: 1021-00-PMB

  • Pole mount bracket (-PMB)

Right: 1021-00-ANTPLATE-PMB

  • Internal articulating mounting accessory (-ANTPLATE)
  • Pole mount bracket (-PMB)

Visit 1021 Series

1024 Series

The easy-to-install Model 1024 NEMA 4 enclosure features a hinged, lockable lid. A universal interior mount panel will accommodate all leading vendors’ APs. This rugged, polycarbonate, low-loss enclosure is available with either a clear or opaque door and is large enough for AP with attached antennas. Ideal for Wi-Fi coverage in parking areas and garages.

Oberon 1024 Series

Left: 1024-00

  • Opaque cover

Right: 1024-C

  • Clear cover

Visit 1024 Series

3001 Series

Oberon’s Model 3001-00 is an outdoor shroud for concealing larger outdoor Wi-Fi and small cell APs, antennas, remote radio heads, cabling and connectors. The Model 3001-00 includes a paintable, rugged ABS plastic hinged cover which is virtually transparent to wireless signals. The 3001-00 also includes a heavy-duty panel for mounting APs, antennas, and brackets from most leading wireless vendors. Where outdoor network aesthetics is paramount, conceal and protect outdoor rated wireless equipment.

Oberon 3001 Series

Visit 3001 Series

3032 Series

Oberon’s NetPoint 3032 Wi-Fi Bollard extends wireless coverage into outdoor areas. These bollards are 60″ tall and are large enough to conceal and protect most vendors’ outdoor APs, antennas, cables, power injectors and media converters. Wi-Fi bollards allow the wireless designer to install the wireless infrastructure where it is needed, without hanging APs on walls or light poles. Netpoint Wi-Fi bollards are available in a wide variety of colors suitable for most campus and park environments.

Visit 3032 Series

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