New FiberExpress Flexible Ribbon Cable

Belden heard your frustrations with traditional ribbon cable and developed its FiberExpress Flexible Ribbon Cable to offer a new cable option in high-density, high-data-rate environments that rely on fiber for data transmission.

Relative to cable size, Flexible Ribbon Cable provides the highest connectivity density available to make every square foot inside your data center count. Its small OD and superb flexibility make it easier and faster to handle than traditional ribbon cable, creating installation possibilities in narrow pathways and small conduit. This means you can save space while still installing a higher-fiber-count cable, making every square foot count.

When you receive the cables, you’ll also notice that sorting and ribbonization are already completed (the fibers are already bonded). This reduces labor resources, costs and necessary tools while eliminating many of the hassles associated with deploying traditional ribbon cable. Simply strip off the coating, cleave it, splice it and you’re done!

The ability to terminate multiple fibers at once through mass fusion splicing reduces installation time even more. (Even saving just a few seconds per splice adds up to significant installation time savings.) A mass fusion splice can be completed in the same amount of time it takes to complete one or two single splices.

Finally, the cable’s superb flexibility eliminates concerns about it bending only along its preferential axis. The result is less cable stress and easier pulling.

Flexible Ribbon Cable complements solutions like Belden’s new DCX Optical Distribution Frame; the cable features the perfect number of splits on each sub-unit while protecting fiber integrity. It’s also a cost-effective way to support distributed antenna systems (DAS) in entertainment venues, hospitality environments and mid- and high-rise buildings.

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