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Public Spaces Love to LockIT

by Katy Plant on March 31, 2022

If you didn't know already, Siemon’s LockIT™ line of secure network connectivity solutions had an unlikely beginning in public schools; yet the public space benefits of these LockIT products go beyond just protecting outlets from damage and reducing disconnection from basic tampering.


Unprotected network outlets in public spaces are often a potential network security weak-spot. Sophisticated criminals of today often use unprotected outlets to gain unauthorized access to  private networks and to steal information. Others may carry out a cyberattack by installing malicious viruses and ransomware.


The LockIT Solution

The good news? Simply blocking physical port connections is an effective deterrent.

The LockIT system delivers an inexpensive and very easily deployed way to protect your unused ports with outlet locks and to prevent your device cords from being removed or accessed by unauthorized networks.  

Explore Siemon’s LockIT secure connectivity line >> 


Siemon logo

Siemon has ensured that LockIT benefits extend into centralized telecom spaces and data centers with the intention of preventing both accidental and malicious forms of disconnection. LockIT cords also promise to protect mission critical patching, switch and server ports while still being an easily implemented, low-cost “tag out” access control solution.

It is important that you identify and secure any unused ports that you might have reserved for specific applications because, with more connected devices than ever before, there’s a higher chance of yours being the one to be subject to accidental or intentional disconnection.

lockit-secure-patch-cords-benefit-3Remember that non-critical applications can still cause plenty of inconvenience for users and IT staff when disconnected. Let’s face it—any unused outlet is tempting for cyber criminals, and they'll always be a target for gum-chewing teens, too.


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Contact your local Accu-Tech Representative to learn more about Siemon, or visit their vendor page here.

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