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Raise Your Standards With Siemon Lightverse

by Katy Plant on December 20, 2022

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Earlier this fall, the American National Standards Institute, or ANSI, released the latest revision of their Optical Fiber Cabling and Components Standard, called ANSI/TIA-568.3-E. In a recent blog, Siemon indicates the two most important additions of these newly released standards for the benefit of operators, partners, and users:

1. The addition of two new connectivity methods for array (MPO)-based duplex applications

2. A revised guidance on pinning of connectors to better support future transition to end-to-end array systems

With these two contributions, ANSI/TIA-568.3-E simplifies deployment significantly. Customers can now use the same MPO-to-LC modules and duplex patch cords, on either end of the channel, in conjunction with a Type-B trunk. Prior to this year's revision, connectivity methods were limited for array-based duplex applications. 

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The standard additionally has much better guidance on how to pin an MPO connector. This is awesome news for the array-based duplex systems out there, because future transitions just got a whole lost easier:

  • Array trunk cables should be pinned on both ends
  • MPO connectors within the MPO-to-LC modules should be unpinned
  • Future array patch cords 

When mating MPO connectors that use alignment pins, it is a requirement that one plug is pinned and the other plug is unpinned.  As MPO active equipment ports are pinned, they accept only unpinned plugs.

To keep up with ANSI, Siemon released LightVerse®, their newest fiber connectivity platform, featuring Type-U1 MPO-to-LC modules with unpinned MPO connectors as the standard.

lightverse fiber optic cabling system innovation

An integrated system, LightVerse® is designed to support a wide range of fiber cabling applications and topologies across the data center, LAN, and IB/IoT environments.

Overall, standards are helpful to manufacturers, partners, and users who want to understand the complicated systems. Making steady improvements to those standards, however, is also important. To bring increased awareness and provide better guidance across the industry is of utmost priority, so that infrastructure systems everywhere may be deployed, transitioned, and/or connected with ease. How will you raise your standards? 

Contact your local Accu-Tech Representative to learn more about Siemon infrastructure solutions, or have questions about shifting standards within the industry.


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