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Study Up on Network Infrastructure in Education Facilities

by Katy Plant on November 9, 2022

As modern-day educational facilities evolve, they are adopting a variety of new technology platforms for both indoor and outdoor use. Desirable platforms include digital tools for interactive learning, electronic systems for record-keeping, and/or school-issued devices that depend on their campus's Wi-Fi network to operate.

Long story short? Having a robust infrastructure is becoming more crucial within the Education market in order to provide connectivity to students, teachers, and staff alike. The key to stable and reliable Wi-Fi within schools comes down to one critical piece of technology that must be installed properly: Wireless Access Points.

For Wireless APs to bridge together campus technology, contractors, integrators and end-users should take notes of the following best practices within the industry.

Start with AP Enclosure and Mount Solutions

Hi-Bar 1015 Series enclosure in gym

Your first plan of action should be to ensure each AP can fully operate and perform. To do this consistently, APs need to be supported, protected, and secured in order to optimize a school network's performance.

Start by utilizing enclosures and mounts. Here are the most recent Wireless AP trends, which also factor into which types of enclosures and mounts to deploy:

APs upgrades are inevitable as technology evolves and new Wi-Fi enabled devices are introduced into the market
• AP throughput continues to increase by a factor of 10 every five years
• Power over Ethernet (PoE) requirements of APs continue to increase
• Form factors of APs continue to evolve, which also requires flexibility in planning
• Wireless LANs continue to provide additional services requiring more bandwidth
The need for high density AP deployments is on the rise, particularly in educational facilities

Once these considerations have been met, education facilities can now refer to AP installation methods, which offer aesthetics, reliable physical infrastructure security, and quick and easy serviceability. All are critical to ensure a smooth deployment and to better coverage within classrooms, lecture halls and dormitories.


In spaces where network traffic can spike on any given day of the week, enclosures and mounts with interchangeable trims and doors are ideal, because they can easily be swapped out.

Take the Oberon Wi-Tile™ 1047 Series, for example, a locking suspended ceiling tile Wi-Fi AP enclosure with interchangeable doors, or the Oberon H-Plane™ 1007 Series right-angle AP wall mount, which mimics a lighting wall sconce and includes an interchangeable trim to allow installers to recess APs from all the leading vendors into the wall sconce itself.

Oberon Model 1042 hard ceiling recessed mount with interchangeable trim, Shown with Aruba Wi-Fi APOberon Model 1042 hard ceiling recessed mount with interchangeable trim, Shown with Aruba Wi-Fi AP


Solutions in Spaces Beyond the Classroom

How can other spaces beyond the classroom ensure a strong network infrastructure, too, like laboratories or gymnasiums? What about the outdoors?

It's becoming equally as important to provide reliable network infrastructure in parking garages, outdoor courtyards, and common areas. Of course, don't forget sports venues and stadiums, where thousands of fans congregate throughout the year.

Students working online outdoors

While access points and their associated cabling components must provide optimal wireless coverage, they must also be:

  • Physically secured

  • Protected from the elements

  • Impact-resistant

  • Receptive to wash down

  • Aesthetically blended into the environment

These qualifications might sound difficult at first, but with the help of Accu-Tech and our manufacturing partners, customers can easily find and purchase the best solution for their Education application.

Those searching for a wide range of NEMA-rated, UV-resistant enclosures can turn to Oberon, a division of Chatsworth Products.


Oberon new logo


Their portfolio of mounting solutions are designed with aesthetics in mind, including the Skybar™ 1020 Series, 1021 Series and 1022 Series, which can mount under seats, on walls, or hang for maximum space savings and durability.

Oberon Mount under Stadium Seats


In addition, their Hi-Bar™ 1015 Series is ideal for spaces like gyms, where impact-resistant plastic coverings keep equipment protected.

Image preview

Lastly, the Oberon NetPoint™ 3032 Series provides AP protection in green spaces, or any other location, and come in multiple colors and heights to blend seamlessly into the outdoors.

Oberon Outdoor Mount

To learn about more about the Wireless solutions like those mentioned in this blog, and the importance of network infrastructure in educational facilities and campuses, be sure to view this recent webinar featuring Oberon Applications Engineer and Global Training Expert, Bree Murphy, RCDD.

Contact your local Accu-Tech Representative to learn more about Oberon solutions, or visit their vendor page today.

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