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The HDBaseT Standard - Revolutionizing Video Delivery Since 2010

by Teddi Strassburger on August 17, 2020

(This blog post from Superior Essex explains the benefits of HDBaseT and how their solutions can help you improve video delivery over your network. Check it out! -Teddi)

In the past decade, a revolution has taken place that few may know about. And yet, so many have benefited from it – the dawn of HDBaseT™ video-delivery standards.

2020_ChannelPartner_Sliders_v0224Before HDBaseT was introduced in 2010, delivering high-quality video content over a cost-effective and easy-to-install cable for more than just a few feet posed serious challenges. Solutions usually involved compromises in quality, distance, cost or complexity.

HDBaseT technology, however, offers:

  • Long-distance transmission – 100m/328 feet with a single hop, or more with several hops
  • Signal convergence – a single cable eliminates clutter and reduces infrastructure costs and cable weight
  • High performance – the current generation delivers up to 4K (ultra-high definition) video, with 8K on the way
  • Simplicity – Category (LAN) cable and UTP cables are easy to install and to field-terminate
  • Affordability – relies on low-cost infrastructure, reducing installation and maintenance costs
  • Standardization – As an industry standard, HDBaseT facilitates interoperability
  • Versatility – HDBaseT is a proven technology that can be easily adapted across different sectors, including A/V, automotive, industrial PCs, consumer electronics and more

That’s why HDBaseT has since become the global standard for the transmission of ultra-high-definition video and audio, Ethernet, USB and control signals while simultaneously offering up to 100W of power over a single cable for long-distance runs up to 100m.

With the introduction of HDBaseT, the HDBaseT Alliance was founded to promote and advance the technology, and it has been successful in its mission to set standards and educate the market on its benefits. The organization recently announced that it is finalizing the HDBaseT Spec 3.0, the latest and most advanced version of the standard. Pushing for increased certification of HDBaseT products to facilitate interoperability also is among its 2020 priorities, said Alliance co-founder Gabi Shriki, vice president of the Audio-Video business unit at Valens, in a recent interview.

The Future of High-Def: HDBaseT is Here to Stay

While some question how HDBaseT standards can coexist with A/V-over-IP solutions, it is clear that HDBaseT standards are here to stay.

“We strongly believe that there is no single technology that solves ALL the A/V market’s problems and requirements. We believe that HDBaseT products are better for in-room/small-scale networks as they provide superior performance . . . and are more cost-effective than an AV-over-IP solution,” Shriki said. “We believe that a combination of HDBaseT technology (in-room) with AV-over-IP gateway products, which will bridge content in and out of the rooms, is the best way to serve our market.”

Superior Essex has a history of product innovation to match changing market needs, and that holds true in the case of HDBaseT. The company manufactures four cables that conform to HDBaseT standards: PowerWise™ 1G 4PPoE, PowerWise™ 10G 4PPoE, 10Gain® XP CAT 6A and Category 6+ F/UTP (ScTP).

So, are you ready to join Superior Essex and take advantage of HDBaseT standards to improve video delivery over your network? Reach out to your local Accu-Tech branch here to get started. 

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