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The Real Impact of High-Power PoE Cables on Your Network

by Teddi Strassburger on September 8, 2022

In this blog post from Superior Essex, we examine how their PowerWise high-power PoE cables bring data and power to smart devices throughout your building.

SPSX Blog_082222Smart building technologies run the gamut of uses, but they all go back to three purposes: occupant satisfaction, operational cost savings, and reducing environmental impact. In fact, smart buildings are meant to make the building better for everyone and everything involved. So why are they not as “smart” as we think they should be?

It probably comes down to a lack of convergence or connectedness, which means Power-over-Ethernet cables.

Bringing All Applications Together

“A converged and connected network eliminates duplicity and waste, allowing you to continue to add new devices and capabilities to it,” explains Amir Sekhavat, Senior Director of Product Management and Partnerships for Superior Essex Communications. “When you have separate management points for your different, you’re running an inefficient network.”

Convergence looks like one solution for every type of operational management function, managed by a central IT. Instead of silos for security measures, wireless applications, external devices, utility management, and more, all of these come together at one central operational point.

So how can you create a converged, connected network? With Superior Essex PowerWise cables. They are specially designed to deliver data and power to all varieties of smart devices and transmit data among the devices and back to a central management point. This is where their true power lies.

Connecting All Your Building Endpoints

Converging all the silos of building management tools to one essential control station makes it easier to manage them all and makes each device run more efficiently. When connected by PoE cables, climate control systems become responsive to the occupant total, season, external temperature, and even sun position throughout the day. They make access and security smarter, allowing tenants to feel safer and security professionals to perform better.

“PoE cables even create dynamic and responsive workspaces,” says Sekhavat. “By using the PowerWise cables, you can construct a better and future-proof solution.” This creates a more personal experience when employees come to work.

Choosing the Right Cables

Although PoE cables enable all your smart building devices, not every device needs the same cable. Some devices need more electric power, and some need more data delivered to them. Luckily, the PowerWise family of cables can vary these demands.

For example, LED lighting and automatic shade controls don’t need a large amount of data, but they do take a lot of power to operate. The PowerWise 1G 4PPoE cable is perfect for low-data applications and delivers the electrical power to make them work.

Some devices, like a security camera, utilize a lot of data all the time. For these applications, PowerWise 10G 4PPoE cables reliably bring the data they require.

PoE cables allow you to meet your building goals from top to bottom. They create better living and working conditions for the occupants, reduce expenses and conserve energy, and minimize the building’s environmental impact. With these power- and data-transmitting products, you can interconnect all your smart building devices, so everyone in the building is happier.

Contact your local Accu-Tech representative to learn more. 

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