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Upsite Technologies Announces Their 3rd Annual, Airflow Management Awareness Month Starting on Tuesday June 5th, 2018

by Bobby Salerno on May 23, 2018

Every Tuesday in June, Upsite Technologies will offer free, educational webinars discussing various topics related to optimizing airflow in data centers.

Upsite Technologies started the annual event with a desire to help educate data center and facilities personnel on how vital airflow optimization can be in their data centers. “With rack densities ever increasing, we feel that educating IT and facilities personnel on the impact of airflow management best practices are more important than ever," said Al Zoldos, President of Upsite Technologies. "AFM Awareness Month is our commitment to be an information resource and advisor to data center operators trying to gain efficiencies in their centers.

The rapid pace of change in the data center industry is placing increasing burdens on data centers around the globe. Implementing airflow management best practices is the best way to reduce or eliminate bypass airflow and recirculated hot air in data centers, thereby assisting data center managers to meet the growing needs for cooling capacity and efficiency improvements. In many cases these improvements will lead to the recovery of stranded capacity and energy savings.

Upsite Airflow Management banner

Airflow Management Awareness Month is a series of four free webinars, one every Tuesday in June. Week one is "Airflow Management 101," week two is "Computer Room Cleaning Considerations," week three is "Impacts of Cable Management on Airflow Management," and the final week is, "Cooling Optimization Processes and Tools." All of the webinars will be presented by Lars Strong, Upsite Technologies' Sr. Engineer. Lars will be joined in week three by Ian Seaton, a highly regarded data center veteran, and industry consultant.

Anyone can register for the webinars at https://www.upsite.com/airflow-management-awareness-month/

Learn more about Upsite Technologies

Learn more about Accu-Tech

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