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Why is Power Protection Necessary in a Stadium?

by Teddi Strassburger on June 10, 2016

Imagine that you are walking into your favorite team's stadium. An usher scans your ticket, verifying the location of your seat. Pop music creates an exciting atmosphere as you check the menu, displayed on digital signage, of the fast food stand in the stadium. As you search for your seat, electronic billboards flDollarphotoclub_78460571_2.jpgash the names and photos of top players all around you. You check your favorite player's stats online as you settle into your seat and get ready for the game to start. Throughout the game, you watch the electronic billboards as they display the score.

Now, imagine that you are walking into your favorite team's stadium, but the power has failed. The usher cannot verify your ticket, as the power failure caused a DAS blackout. No music plays, you can't see the menu of the fast food stand, and the electronic billboards aren't working, as the power failure caused an A/V blackout. You can't check your favorite player's stats online, and no score can be displayed. 

As you can see, power protection is critical to ensuring a fun, safe entertainment experience for stadium
audiences. Power affects every aspect of a stadium, from security (the usher scanning your ticket) to entertainment (the music and the food) to information (the electronic billboards). When power fails, so does your ability to provide services and entertainment to stadium audiences. 

So what's the solution? What can help you protect against power failure? Screen_Shot_2016-06-09_at_4.55.40_PM.png

Eaton's Power Distribution Units (PDUs) provide multiple outputs to distribute electrical power across the system. This solves the problem of inconsistent power, which leads to faltering and failing equipment, caused by the uneven distribution of electrical power. Eaton's PDUs also enable circuit protection by providing active monitoring of the system, which helps managers further protect the equipment and data. Voltage spikes, like brownouts and blackouts, can wipe out sensitive equipment, leaving you with a stadium unequipped to entertain audiences. 

Benefits of Eaton PDUs include: 

  • reliable power protection and management
  • secure organization - store, power, manage, secure and cool your critical equipment
  • easy install 
  • hardware and software solutions at the rack level and remote management - ensure data integrity and simplify power management 

With these benefits, it's clear that Eaton provides a reliable, secure power protection solution that will help your stadium offer entertainment at every event. 

Check out Eaton's power protection solutions here.

Click here to contact your local Accu-Tech representative. 




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