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ComNet Fiber Optic and Ethernet Solutions

ComNet Fiber Optic and Ethernet Transmission Equipment is Setting the Standard for Value and Performance.

ComNet is a major provider of video, audio and data transmission and network communication solutions for the security market.

Currently the product line is focused on two different forms of fiber optic transmission.

First is the traditional point-to-point fiber optic method of transmitting video, audio and data over multimode or single mode fiber optic cables. The second method is Fiber Optic Ethernet.

All ComNet products are designed for use in tough industrial environments and are backed with the ComNet exclusive lifetime warranty.


ComNet fiber optic video products can transmit up to 32 individual video feeds over one optical fiber plus camera control data. ComNet offers multiple models from economical AM modulated video to high quality digital video. The main benefits to video over fiber include, longer distances, immunity from EMI/RFI as well as bandwidth to transmit multiple video feeds over a single optical fiber.

Access Control

ComNet fiber optic data transmission products are used to the transport RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 serial data that is commonly used for many Access Control Systems. Some of the many benefits to serial data over optical fiber include increased distances and immunity to EMI/RFI. Products for these applications include serial data (RS-232/RS-422/RS-485) point-to-point, linear add-drop/point-to-multipoint, and self-healing ring transmission equipment.


ComNet offers fiber optic audio transmission products that can transmit balanced line-level 24-bit digitally encoded audio. The product line includes two bi-directional audio channel with contact closure and four-channel audio with bi-directional contact closure models.


Ethernet-based security networks perform a critical role in security; therefore, the highest level of control and management must be achieved to keep the network functioning optimally. Managing the devices on the network is an important element. No matter whether it is the network infrastructure or the devices connected to it – the cameras, switches, servers and more – that are the nodes on the network, reliability is critical.

ComNet has a complete line of environmentally hardened Ethernet transmission equipment that included CAT 5/6 electrical to optical media converters, CAT 5/6 to coaxial cable/UTP media converters (EVDSL), to increase distances or utilize existing transmission media as Ethernet transmission media.

ComNet also offers RS-232,422 and RS-485 data to Ethernet converters and contact closure to Ethernet products.

The switch line includes eight, ten and twenty-four port managed Ethernet switches with and without power over Ethernet (PoE). ComNet also offers a line of 10/100 Mbps and 1000 Mbps unmanaged four and eight-port switches to round out the product line.

Security demands continuous, dependable network functionality. ComNet is so confident in the performance of our Ethernet products, we can back them with a no-questions-asked Lifetime Warranty.

Featured Products

CWFE(1,2)POCOAXA: Ethernet over coaxial cable with Power

Comnet CWFE(1,2)POCOAXAThe ComNet™ CWFE1POCOAX Series transports Ethernet and camera/device operating power between the remote device and head-end location using existing 75? coaxial cable. It eliminates the need to have a separate power source at the remote location and provides operating power for the remote ComNet modem and PoE device. Based on the IEEE 802.3af standard for Power over Ethernet (PoE), the CWFE1POCOAXA provides up to 15.4 Watts of operating power to the remote PSE device. The CWFE1POCOAXA transports Ethernet data at rates of up to 100 Mbps over a distance of 230 meters (750 feet) over standard 75? coaxial cable. The CWFE(1,2)POCOAXA is used at the head end and the CWFE1POCOAXBM is used at the remote location.

Spec sheet here.


CWFE1POCOAXBM: Ethernet over coaxial cable + power over coaxial and Ethernet

ComNet CWFE1POCOAXBMThe ComNet™ CWFE1POCOAXM series supports 10/100Mbps Ethernet transmission as well as Power over Ethernet (PoE) over standard 75 ohm coaxial cable circuits, at data rates of up to 100 Mbps, and transmission distances of up to 230 meters (750 feet). The IEEE 802.3-compliant Ethernet electrical interface auto-negotiates to 10 or 100 Mbps without the need for any user selection, and this modem meets the requirements for IEEE 802.3af PoE power, providing 15 watts of power to the powered device (PD) in the field. Model CWFE1POCOAXA is installed at the head-end (power sourcing equipment) location, and the model CWFE1POCOAXBM is installed at the powered device (PD) in the field location. LED indicators are provided for rapidly ascertaining the operating status of the device. Packaged in a rugged, compact sized housing, these units are designed for shelf or stand-alone mounting, making them ideal for those installations were space is limited. These units may also be DIN-rail mounted by the addition of the ComNet model DINBKT2 Adaptor Plate Kit. True plug-and-play design ensures ease of installation and operation, and no adjustments are ever required.

Spec sheet here.


ComWorx™ CWGE9MS Managed Ethernet Switch

The ComWorx™ CWGE9MS Managed Ethernet Switch provides transmission of (7) 100/1000 BASE-TX and (2) 100/1000FX combo ports. These units are available for use with either conventional CAT-5e copper or optical transmission media. Ports 1 – 7 support the 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet IEEE 802.3 protocol, and auto-negotiating and auto-MDI/MDIX features are provided for simplicity and ease of installation. Ports 8 – 9 are 10/100/1000 configurable for copper or 100/1000 fiber media for use with multimode or single mode optical fiber without need for configuration, selected by optional SFP modules. These network managed layer 2 switches are optically and electrically compatible with any IEEE 802.3 compliant Ethernet devices. Plug-and-play design ensures ease of installation, and no electrical or optical adjustments are ever required. The CWGE9MS incorporates LED indicators for monitoring the operating status of the managed switch and network.


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