Berk-Tek offers over 100 different optical fiber, twisted pair copper and hybrid network cable products with guaranteed above-standards’ performance, independent verification, with state-of-the-art engineering.  Copper products range from standard Category 5e to Category 6A and optical cable with up to OM4+ fiber technology to exceed all speeds and bandwidths – from 1 to 100 Gig. 

A New Measure of Value: Expected Performance

At Berk-Tek, guaranteed means guaranteed 100% of the time. Every product Berk-Tek makes is designed to surpass their own guarantees. By combining their leading designs with outstanding manufacturing processes, the result is unmatched performance, quality and reliability. 

Innovating Excellence

Berk-Tek is constantly innovating new products based on customer feedback.  Whether it is a unique product or packaging, Berk-Tek listens to their customers. Some of their newest innovations include:

  • smartPAK 1500-ft. copper cable boxes that save time, money and space and reduces scrap on the jobsite.
  • Berk-Tek's latest Category 6A cable provides a reduced diameter of 0.250” with increased performance.
  • The Berk-Tek OneReach™ PoE Extender System simplifies device management and power supply, resulting in reduced costs and streamlined network management.


smartPAK: Cut the Scrap

Find out about Berk-Tek's newest innovation: smartPAK. 1,500 feet of cable in a convenient pull box for less scrap, less waste and greater convenience.



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