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$3,500 IN CASH BACK!

With support for the DTX ending in June 2018, now’s the time to make the switch to Versiv™. Versiv customers report a 2/3 reduction in testing problems and a 10% increase in overall profitability*.

Purchase an eligible Versiv model and Fluke Networks will pay you up to $3,500 when you trade-in your DTX.


Program requirements

• To receive “five or more” level rebates, purchase five or more eligible Versiv units on a single invoice and trade in the corresponding number of DTX mainframes and remotes within 30 days.

• Only DTX models are eligible for trade-in

• Only one of each DTX may be traded in per Versiv unit purchased

• Purchases must be made during the periods indicated in the table above.

• Customers must have an active Gold contract in order to qualify for “Gold level” rebates

• Traded-in DTX does not have to have current Gold contract

• Gold for traded-in DTX (if any) will be “rolled up” to new purchases

• Cannot be combined with any other promotion


To get your rebate


Step 1: Purchase an eligible Versiv model(s) with Gold during the periods indicated in the table above

Step 2: Print out the rebate claim form available at
complete it and ship it with your eligible trade-in
unit(s) and a copy of your purchase invoice within
30 days of purchase.

Step 3: Fluke Networks Gold Support team sets up Gold for the new Versiv and “rolls up” the value of the remaining Gold from your trade-in unit (if any) to that term and sends you rebate check as shown above. Please allow 8-10 weeks for processing.






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