Corning Cable Systems and CPI win Accu-Tech Golden Gloves

Posted by Brian Brown

Mar 17, 2011 9:52:00 AM

Each year Accu-Tech takes the month of March to celebrate the successes of the previous year, celebrating our sales team and our wonderful vendor partnerships. This time honored tradition is known as The President's Club Circle of Excellence. 


This year's President's Club was held in Cancun, Mexico and was attended by more the 260 individuals from the Accu-Tech community, including top performers from sales , members of our support staff and our key vendor partners. The event is closed by an awards ceremony recognizing our top sales people, and the top vendor partners of the year are awarded the coveted Golden Gloves. 


And the Gloves Go To...

Accu-Tech is pleased to award the 2010 Golden Gloves to Corning Cable Systems and Chatsworth Products, Inc. This was a tough decision as many of our partners had such a great year with us, but in the end, the choice was clear. 


corning cable systems chatsworth products, inc


Lisa Watts, from Corning Cable Systems had this to say:

"Thanks Accu-Tech! Corning is proud to be part of the Accu-Tech Golden Glove Recipients for 2010. We really appreciate the partnership between Accu-Tech, Chatsworth and Corning. Thanks for a terrific 2010.  We are excited for an even better 2011!"


Jeff Steen of Chatsworth Products, Inc added:

"CPI is excited and honored to receive Accu-Tech’s Golden Glove award for being the most valued vendor in 2010.  I’ve personally watched several of the leading industry manufacturers win this annual award in years past.  To join that elite group and now to have our own Gold Glove is something that we’ve strived for and are thankful.  For CPI to join Corning in winning this past year is a true testament of the partnership and commitment that we have with Accu-Tech."


Everyone at Accu-Tech would like to thank Corning Cable Systems and Chatsworth Products, Inc for all of the handwork and dedication which made 2010 such a successful year and we're looking forward to an even better 2011.


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