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Strength and Stability in an Open Architecture Solution

by Julie Clark on November 19, 2013

Have you considered making the upgrades to your network infrastructure compatible for open architecture solutions? If you aren't quite sure about open architecture, you can learn a little more by checking out this previous blog post: What is Open Architecture?

Open architecture solutions allow the user to choose parts, such as patch cords, jacks, and cables, from any vendor or manufacturer to make one combined solution. This flexibility allows the user more opportunities to design the solution to specifically fit the needs and goals of the project.

Another benefit of open architecture solutions is flexibility: open architecture solutions allow the system to adapt to change in the long run. Because the solution was designed to work with parts from any manufacturer, future integration of new technologies is easier than with closed solutions. For example, if your system is a closed solution, the parts you used may or may not be compatible with newer technologies that could benefit your system. On the other hand, if you start off with an open architecture solution, future releases of new products or technologies that may be useful to your system will be easy to incorporate into the design.

Many enterprises opt for an open architecture infrastructure as a way to drive down costs and make moves, adds and changes to equipment and cabling effortless. But as newer technologies emerge, IT leaders must ensure their open architecture also promotes optimum performance and adaptability. 


cpi velocity

Chatsworth Products’ (CPI) Velocity™ Standard Pack provides all the cable and equipment support necessary for today’s evolving IT landscape, while helping companies save time and money.

The Velocity™ Standard Pack combines our industry-leading Two-Post Standard Rack with Velocity Cable Management and Installation hardware in one convenient package. This open architecture solution includes CPI’s Two-Post Standard Rack, which features unmatched sturdiness and durability, as well as two grounding locations inside the rack channel, ensuring proper grounding and bonding; and the Velocity™ cable management system, which is easy to ship, store and assemble.

The Velocity™ Standard Pack will adapt seamlessly with your evolving equipment and cabling systems. It’s no surprise CPI’s pioneering open architecture products remain popular around the globe.

To download a complete Open Architecture Solutions Guide, which includes more details on the Velocity Standard Pack, go here.

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