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Exploring Major Trends Driving Emerging 40GbE Demand - With Hubbell

by Nate Johnson on July 31, 2014

Over the past decade, ethernet data rates have escalated to support transmission of increasing columes of data ith larger files sizes associated with cloud computing, virtualization, streaming video and other digital media content. The increase in data rates impacts how networks and cabling infrastructure are designed and deployed. Supporting today's bandwidth intensive applications has resulted in strong growth of 10GBASE-T deployments. As a result, 10GBASE-T is expanding in the enterprise as well as data center applications. Active equipment manufacturers are estimating that 80 million ports by the end of 2015.


Major trends driving 10GbE Demand:

  • Exponential growth in data volume

  • Internet traffic growth at over 30% CAGR

  • More powerful data centers in support of online traffic

  • Tremendous wireless data growth driven by mobile devices

  • Advances in storage area networks

  • Consolidation and clustering

  • Server virtualization

  • Increasing application speeds

  • Digital media content




Concerns for datacenters today:

  • Efficiently powering IP devices through PoE and PoE+ protocols designed to handle continuous power over time
  • Supporting short length channels and links in the data center
  • Bandwidth beyond 10G, verified and third party tested for transmission and performance beyond TIA 568C requirements
  • No space constraints, backward compatible, component compliant
  • Eliminating Alien Cross talk (AXT), EMI and security issues


Hubbell's reputation as an industry leader has been earned by developing high-performance systems and components that last well into the future. Their product offering is one that is continually expanded for performance and installation efficiency and flexibility for the end user, while maintaining and exceeding compliance to industry standards.


Solutions: Cat 6A Systems

  • Connectivity printed circuit boards feature traces capable of handling 550ma of current with less than 10 degrees of temperature rise
  • Comply with IEC 60512-99-001 requirements ensuring contact seating surfaces are not damaged during plug/jack mating and disconnecting under remote powering loads
  • 23 AWG copper reduces heat rise, and pair separation design improves heat dissipation
  • Category 6A cables comply with TIA TSB-184

Copper cabling transmission speeds have progressed from 10Mbps, to 100Mbps, to 1Gbps, to 10Gbps and beyond. To support today's content delivery data rate of 10GbE, a higher performance Category 6A cable and infrastructure is necessary. Hubbell has compiled many documents for those interested in making the change in their datacenters and organizations:


Hubbell Technology Publication

Getting Component Performance

Customers have always inquired about component testing and what is the real meaning of a high or low test plug when looking at NEXT data. This test procedure is critical to the performance of the RJ45 and its category rating.


Hubbell Technology Publication

Augmented Category 6 Capabilities

Hubbell Premise Wiring's new Augmented Category 6 RJ45 modular connector is the highest performing connector on the market, exceeding all current C6A specs. Learn about how this innovative technology, and its unmatched ANEXT performance.



For more information about Hubbell Premise Wiring systems, or how their complete solutions can assist in addressing major trends in data centers, contact your local Accu-Tech representative today!

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