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How SYSTIMAX 2.0 from CommScope Revolutionizes Connectivity

by Teddi Strassburger on March 18, 2024

SYSTIMAX 2.0CommScope's new SYSTIMAX 2.0 portfolio offers high-performing solutions that meet the connectivity needs of today and tomorrow, helping you prepare your network for what's next. Check out this blog post from earlier this month to learn more about SYSTIMAX 2.0! 

Today, let's dive in to the solutions that make up CommScope's SYSTIMAX 2.0 portfolio. These solutions are built on five key pillars, which we'll explore below. Together, these solutions provide complete, end-to-end connectivity for virtually any structured cabling environment, application, or challenge. Whether you're upgrading your campus or building a new data center, CommScope's solutions support and future-proof your network. 

  1. Copper. Let's wind the clocks back to 1997. That was when CommScope launched the GigaSPEED® copper portfolio, setting the stage for Cat 6 Ethernet. Now, CommScope's SYSTIMAX 2.0 copper portfolio has expanded to include new solutions like GigaSPEED XL® (Cat 6), GigaSPEED X10D® (Cat 6A) and their newest addition, GigaSPEED XL5™. GigaSPEED XL5 is a premium Cat 6 solution that not only supports 2.5/5GbE performance up to 100m but can even extend the value of your Cat 6 investment since it uses the same installation tools and procedures. 
  2. Fiber. Next, let's look at fiber. The SYSTIMAX 2.0 fiber portfolio features several solutions, including the LazrSPEED® (OM4/OM5) multimode and TeraSPEED® singlemode families, FiberGuide raceway, and high- and ultra-density panels. As with GigaSPEED and Cat 6 Ethernet, LazrSPEED inspired the OM4 and OM5 standards, and TeraSPEED paved the way for the OS2 standard. Now, one of CommScope's new solutions, Propel™, joins the SYSTIMAX 2.0 family to offer ultra-low-loss fiber, simplified network upgrades and management, and modular components to support data center and enterprise networks. 
  3. Network Intelligence. CommScope knows that it's essential to be able to monitor and remotely manage your network. Whether you're considering making upgrades to your network, or you're trying to troubleshoot an issue, you need easy access to network intelligence. imVision offers you real-time access to your complete cabling infrastructure, plus device discovery features to track the location of all connected devices. Recently, CommScope introduced VisiPORT™ to make monitoring your network and gathering that vital intelligence even easier. It's easy to deploy, offers automatic alerts, and makes managing and tracking devices on your network a breeze - what more could you want? 
  4. Edge and Extended Distance Solutions. Some networks only need to support devices in a small building, but many of the networks being built today must be able to reach devices that are kilometers away. Constellation® provides the connectivity enterprises and campuses require. Built on in-ceiling Constellation Points deployed in a unique star topology, Constellation combines fault-managed power and powered fiber cabling to deliver 10X more power over 5X longer distances than conventional LAN/IP networks. 
  5. Premium Customer Support. Continuing SYSTIMAX's commitment to reliability, the SYSTIMAX Assurance program brings a 360-degree approach to customer care for the SYSTIMAX 2.0 portfolio. SYSTIMAX Assurance includes all current SYSTIMAX support options, like CommScope's 25-Year Extended Warranty and Applications Assurance, and also adds new benefits like online training, design and installation support, 24/7 tech support, monthly newsletters, and more. This program is designed to truly support your network from design to installation and beyond.

Together, these five solutions comprise SYSTIMAX 2.0 and are designed to support customers' connectivity needs as they evolve. Reach out to your local Accu-Tech representative to learn more about CommScope's solutions, or visit CommScope's page on our website. 

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